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What to Do If You’re in Danger of Being Stranded Abroad


Unfortunately, many people get stranded abroad every year, some through no fault of their own and some because they haven’t taken proper steps to ensure their safe return home.

If you travel a lot, there is a fair chance that you too, will one day be stuck somewhere desperately trying to get back home or move on to your next destination. If that happens, it pays to keep calm and know what your options are. Here are some tips to help you if you’re in danger of being stranded:

Check Before You Go
The best way to avoid being stranded abroad in difficult circumstances is to research your destination just before you head off. Look at all of the risk factors such as difficult weather conditions, terrorist activities and airport strikes before you set off, and at the very least you’ll be prepared for any eventuality.

Copy Your Documents
Before you head off on your next adventure, take the time to copy your travel documents and your planned itinerary. Leave them with a trusted friend or family member and then, should you lose your passport or get caught up in some disaster or other, all will not be lost, and you’ll be able to get some help.

Stay Connected
I’m generally a big advocate on spending less time concerned with smartphones, tablets and internet cafes when you’re traveling – it’s a much better use of your time to actually see the sights, relax and switch off for a while, However, if you want to avoid getting stranded, you shouldn’t institute a full media blackout. This could leave you without the vital information you need to ensure you leave your destination safely and on time. There are numerous travel alert apps which can help you with this without you having to spend very much time staring at a screen.

Leave Before It’s Too Late
As soon as you notice the early warning signs of impending disaster, such as a turn in the weather or an increase in security measures, you should try to leave the area. I know that it isn’t always easy to spot the warning signs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Do Anything Illegal
I’m sure you wouldn’t dream of doing anything illegal, but you’d be surprised by how many people end up stuck in a foreign country unable to get home because they have broken some local law or other. You need to bear in mind that laws are different all over the world and what might seem like a perfectly harmless activity at home could be deeply offensive abroad. So, before you go, do a little reading, be sensible while you’re traveling and comply with the authorities when asked if you want to avoid being stranded in difficult, and often expensive, circumstances.

Borrow Money
If you find yourself stranded in a foreign land because you’ve been mugged or you’ve lost your wallet and your passport, first, try to have a friend or family member wire you some money, or arrange a loan with new horizons. Then, find your country’s nearest embassy to have them help you out. The money you borrow will cover the cost of food and accommodation until things are sorted, and you can get your flight home.

Invest in Comprehensive Insurance
If possible, invest in the most comprehensive insurance package available to you. Not only will this ensure that you have a good chance of being refunded if you decide to evacuate, but also that, should you be stranded due to a medical condition, you’ll be able to get back home sooner, rather than later.

Stay Safe
If despite your best efforts, you aren’t able to get back home before a storm hits and disaster strikes, it’s important to stay safe. Forget about trying to get home and think about getting yourself to a place of safety immediately. Do what the local authorities ask of you and cooperate with people on the ground. When it is safe to do so, get in touch with your insurance company for advice.

Call Home
When you can, try to call home because, quite often, the people back there will have more information about unfolding events than you do and they will be in a better position to contact the right people to get you out of there as soon as possible.

Have you ever been stranded abroad? What did you do? How difficult was it to get back home?

Stay Gorgeous

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