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Visiting London For The First Time: What You Need to Know

Some have been to London too many times to count; it’s perfectly located in the middle of everything and the ideal place to shop through, backpack through, or just pay a visit for the fun of it. The very first time you visit the city, however, can be both magical and a bit overwhelming - especially if you come from a small town yourself.

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For a fun and easy trip with as few surprises as possible, learn from the wisdom of those who’ve been there before. Here are a few of the best tips for the first-time traveller to make your exploring stress-free and full of adventures.

Prepare to wait

The first thing I learned on my first visit to the city was that it is huge. England is generally not seen as the biggest country - but try to leave from west London to make it to a dinner party on the south side, and you’ll quickly realize exactly how big it is. Unless you’ve planned all of your activities and outings in the centre, prepare to sit put on the tube or bus for a good hour. Add the traffic of rush-hour to the mess, and we’re talking hours of public transport.

An excellent advice is to either stay in one side of the city or to plan your travelling for the off-peak hours - so that you at least can get a seat on the tube.

It makes it easier for the other commuters as well who are on their way to work early in the morning and heading home between six and seven in the evening; the tube is yours for the rest of the day.

Save money

The first time you visit London, you’re bound to spend more money than you intended. It’s normal, and you don’t have to feel too guilty about it - but it’s a good idea to read up on money savvy tips before you go. In fact, there are various things you can do for free in the big city and you don’t have to queue up for gray museums all day to enjoy free stuff. Visit timeoutlondon for discounted events and remember to book your tickets online to save a bit extra.

Accommodation is another money eater, but we know how to stay frugal by now. Steer away from the traditional hotel rooms - they’re for pensioners with money to spend, not for young travellers on a budget. Plus, the alternative options are a lot more fun and social. Check out Airbnb, to begin with or consider short term rentals at London Serviced Apartments if you’d like a kitchen of your own.

Be a sensible commuter

Anyone who’s been working in a big city knows the dread of getting home. As a tourist, you’d want to make it as easy as possible for them. The underground is a crowded place; when you know your way around, as most inhabitants of London do, you rush towards your exit on autopilot. The only thing in your way; confused tourists with luggage, coming to a complete halt in the middle of your path or walking like a pack or elephants towards the savannah.

The frustration is real, so make sure you’re a compassionate traveller and be confused on the side instead.

Stay Gorgeous

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