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Island Hopping: The Lowdown On The Cyclades Islands

The phrase ‘island hopping’ conjures up images of adventure and freedom; think beautiful beaches, tranquil waters, sunbathing, seafood suppers, and authentic Greek towns. Island hopping is the type of break that allows you to really get a feel for the country that you are exploring as you travel from place to place via ferry, your belongings packed away in a backpack on your shoulder. It’s a very authentic way of exploring another part of the world, as hopping from one island to another gives you the opportunity to freely explore.

Love the concept of island hopping from place to place? Then why not head to the Cyclades Islands this summer and do a spot of exploring of your own? Here’s the lowdown on island hopping from island to island and making the most of your time here.

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Which islands can’t you miss?
The Cyclades Islands are made up of more than 220 islands, so you need to select a handful of islands that you would like to visit while on your travels.

Begin in Mykonos.
Most travelers choose to start in Mykonos as there’s an airport here so it’s easy to get here. Most visitors spend three of four days soaking up the party island’s charm, sunbathing in style, and relaxing in one of the luxury Mykonos villas the island is famous for. Mykonos might be famous for its party scene but there is more culture and heritage to this island than meets the eye.

Move on to Santorini.
You know those images of Greece with the whitewashed buildings with blue roofs? That is Santorini. This island has so much to offer any traveler, from volcanic sand beaches and beautiful blue seas to romantic sunsets and food that’s to die for. To make the most of this gorgeous Greek island, plan to spend at least four or five days here.

Head to Paros.
From Santorini you take a ferry to Paros - depending on the time that you choose to travel, this can take between an hour and 40 minutes and three and a half hours. Famed for its traditional villages and beautiful beaches, Paros is more relaxed than either Santorini and Mykonos. There’s plenty to do here, from sunbathing and watersports to towns and villages to explore and wonderful walks. Ideally, you want to spend two or three days here.

Visit Syros.
Next on your list should be Syros, just a two hour ferry ride away from Paros. Syros is known for its unique architecture, which has a more medieval vibe, rather than Cycladic. The capital city of Ermoupolis has some beautiful Venetian buildings, large churches, and a range of impressive neo classical pieces, like the Apollo Theatre, for example. The beaches here are also beautiful, and ideal for relaxing and unwinding on. The perfect time frame for a trip here is three to four days.

Go to Naxos.
Once your visit to Syros ends, next you will want to get a ferry to Naxos - a journey that will last between two and four hours, depending on the time that you choose to travel at. The largest island out of all the Cyclades Islands, Naxos is home to some amazing scenery, from sandy beach with beautiful blue waters to mountain villages and ancient ruins, as well as an incredible capital city - think cobbled streets, boutique shops, and the most amazing waterfront. To make the most of Naxos, you will need at least four or five days.

Head back to Mykonos. Once your time in Naxos has come to an end, travel back to Mykonos (or Santorini) to catch your flight home.

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