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Holidays Winding You Up Instead Of Down?

Our summer holidays are the one chance we get to unwind. Most of us put up with the stress of the year, knowing we get that week or two in summer to forget. Yet, most years, our holidays become stressful, too. In the height of summer, vacation destinations are ram packed with people trying to get away. And, a busy beach holiday isn’t exactly the best way to relax. You’ll be fighting for your spot, your towel, and, by the end, your sanity.
The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you just want to put your feet up without worrying about treading on someone, we’ve got you covered. Here are some alternative vacations which are sure to leave you feeling calmer than your regular picks.

Most people head to tropical destinations. It’s summer, after all, and that tan won’t appear on its own! So, heading to cooler climes may be your best bet for escaping the crowds. It might seem strange to head for snow instead of sand, but it’s a move you’ll be glad you made. Of course, you won’t be the only one who has this idea. Many people flock to ski slopes and snowy countries like Iceland. But, picking your destination wisely will ensure your spot isn’t too busy. If you settle on a skiing holiday, something like these Andorra holidays may well be the perfect choice. Unlike the popular slopes of nearby France, Andorra is a tiny independent principality. It's sure to be quieter than larger alternatives.

If you want to avoid holiday stress altogether, it’s worth staying close to home. You’ll be able to drive wherever you’re going, and take things at your own pace. Bear in mind that hotels here will be busy, too. It is summer after all, and again; you aren’t the only one who will have had this idea. But, an excellent alternative would be something like the National Trust holiday cottages. Located anywhere from Devon to The Lake District, these are ideal for a peaceful stay. Bear in mind, though, that many are quite isolated. This is a whole other level of quiet that won’t be everyone’s idea of a good time.
If the idea of kissing goodbye to the scorching sun breaks your heart, there is a simple solution. You can still go to Spain, Barbados, or wherever takes your fancy. All you need to do is avoid the tourist traps. When we go away, we often head to areas which are tourist friendly. That’s where the hotels are, and there will be plenty going on all around. But, these areas are sure to be the busiest you could choose. Instead, heading to a local hotel in a small town will be a whole other world. You can guarantee it won’t be half as busy. Bear in mind, though, that nothing will be as tourist friendly. This isn’t the best idea for a faint-hearted traveller!
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