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Healthy Tips To Help You Look And Feel Young

Unfortunately, there is no elixir of life, so you aren’t going to stay young forever. Not many of us enjoy the aging process, but we don’t need to let it get us down. Yes, we may look in envy at the beautiful models adorning our magazine pages, but we need to remember those pictures have been airbrushed to remove any unsightly blemishes. Sometimes, the camera does lie!
While looking in the mirror every day can be a testing experience, it is possible to offset the effects of aging with a few simple steps. Read on to find out more.
Beauty sleep
Sleep can help you maintain your beauty, provided you cut down on the late nights. 7 or 8 hours is sufficient for a decent night’s sleep, meaning you will wake up without those horrible bags under your eyes. Your body and mind will benefit from a good night’s rest and will help you feel and look younger. However, don’t press your face to heavily into your pillow as you will wake up with sleep lines which can become wrinkles, and make sure you remove any makeup as your skin will appear blotchy in the morning.
Look after your skin
You could visit Belgravia Clinic for cosmetic skin care and anti-ageing treatments. However, you can also take care of your skin at home, making sure you moisturize and exfoliate on a daily basis. Before applying cream, you should always give your face a warm wash with a gentle soap that is free of perfumes and chemicals. Use a moisturizer last thing at night and first thing in the morning to keep your skin hydrated and give it a healthy glow. Follow it up by exfoliating, and remove any dirt that has built up beneath your skin to alleviate further problems.

Drink water
Water is free, so you have no excuse not to drink plenty. Our bodies become dehydrated during the day, particularly when we take part in exercise or go about our daily tasks. Doctors recommend between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day, making sure your body stays hydrated and maintaining your skin’s healthy glow.
Eat healthily
It’s not easy to eat healthily when processed food is so convenient, and fast food joints tempt us on every street corner. However, your body needs the nutrients from a healthy diet, so make sure you eat fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fish, eggs, and meat. Foods rich in Vitamin C contain super antioxidants which will make your skin glow and strengthen your immune system from illnesses. Eggs are high in protein and contain albumin which helps to tighten your skin’s pores, reducing the risk of acne.

As you eat healthily, cut down on any foods that are bad for your skin. Junk foods, processed meals, and anything high in sugar or dairy will affect the way your skin looks, as well as increasing your waistline. You are what you eat, so be sensible, and make it a habit of eating well to look and feel good.

Stay Gorgeous

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