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Holidaying With Friends: What Will Work (And What Won't)

The idea of going abroad with a group of friends is such an exciting one. In a way, it’s almost a rite of passage - no longer are you dragged on family holidays, you make your own plans now. Thousands of people do it every year and it seems to go well, if their happy photos on Instagram are to be believed anyway.

Of course, social media isn’t real life. Beneath those smiling sunburned faces, there have undoubtedly been tensions and issues. It’s one thing to be friends when you’re at home; it’s quite another when you have to effectively live together for upwards of a fortnight. Old problems will spill into the open while new ones develop; it’s a recipe for disaster.

While you can never control what people will say and do in the moment, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure your group holiday goes off without quite as many hitches.

1) Designate A Leader

One of the biggest causes of friction occurs when multiple people want to take charge at the same time. This can lead to rifts, with the rest of your friendship group forced to take sides just to try and keep the peace.

The leader role should change, ensuring everyone takes charge on at least one day. They are responsible for the choices you make, the things you do, the places you eat. This keeps everyone on the same page and ensures you each get to do the things you want.

2) Booking Is A Group Job

There could be tensions running high before you even land in your destination if you leave booking everything to one person. Take an evening together and book everything as a group; your flights, your minibus transfer to the airport; your insurance - all of it. In one night, you can tick everything off and ensure there’s no single person being blamed if everything goes wrong.

3) Choose Your Friends Wisely

Just because you have a close friendship with someone does not mean you would enjoy a holiday together. Always ensure you go abroad with friends that are similar to you, especially when it comes to your idea of a good time. If you’re a quiet introvert and you go abroad with friends who are extroverted all-night clubbers, you’re going to be in for a miserable time. On the flip side, if you’re going away for the party atmosphere and your friends prefer sightseeing and beach reads, then it’s not going to be fun for you either.

4) Sober Sister

If you go out for the night at your destination, then one of you should remain sober. The drinking culture in some of the most popular holiday spots is more than a little alarming, so one of you staying clear-headed is essential. Otherwise, you could end up in a lot of trouble if you’re all drunk somewhere you don’t know. Have a good time by all means, but take whatever steps you need to to keep everyone safe.

Stay Gorgeous

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