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Gorgeous Is As Gorgeous Does!

The honest truth of the matter is the being gorgeous is something that most people work at. Yes, your genetics have something to do with it, but there are so many things you can do now to improve on what nature gave you. One of those things is contouring and below you will find the lowdown on this technique and how they can help you to look your most gorgeous!
Contour the forehead and jawline
One of the cleverest things that you can do to look gorgeous with contouring is to change your face shape. For most folks that mean using shadow contours to reduce the size, or reshape their forehead and jawline
To do this, you need to find a face shape chart like the one below and work out which one your face is most like. Then follow the contour guide for your face shape to see where you put the shadow. As it's different for each different face shape.

The only thing you need to watch out for though is blending. If you don't blend, especially around the areas of the jawline your contour can end up looking like a beard! Something that most of us girls would steer clear from. So ensure that you use the right sponges and brushes to blend it thoroughly.
Contouring the nose
Contouring can also be used to shape the nose. Although this technique is one that can be a little tricky, as it can be hard to get the right balance between slimmer, more petite nose and sharp point.

To contour your nose with makeup ensure you use the darker colour along both sides of the bridge and leave a space to insert a lighter colour or highlighter down the middle.

Or if your nose is something that causes you particular issues around your appearance you can consider dermal fillers which do a similar job to contouring but on a more permanent basis.
Lip plumping
Of course, now you can contour your lip as well, to make them seem larger or more in proportion. To do this all you need is a darker lip pencil and a lighter lipstick shade. Preferably a matte one.
Overline you lips with the pencil and then draw a line from the centre of the lip to the outside in a diagonal motion. Join these up with your overline, and then fill in each section at a time, for more gorgeous and fuller looking lips.

Highlighting the cheeks

The last stage of countering that you can do to get a gorgeous look is highlight. This is when you take a lighter colour and place that on areas of the face that you want to draw attention to.
You can use matte or pearl highlighters depending on whether you want an every day, or a more dewy look. Apply them where the light would naturally hit for a more understated appearance. Or smear along cheekbones and brow bones for a more dramatic, snatched look suitable for the evening.

Stay Gorgeous

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