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So, unless you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, then you probably have heard and seen the Instagram Baddie. Before I get into this review, let me elaborate as to what an Instagram Baddie is. Usually female, they are always put together, with brows and makeup on fleek. They also make basic and comfy on trend and ooze confidence. Over the last 6 months, these Instagram Baddies have been bringing the basics back and giving glasses a new flair of style. Back when I was younger, glasses were not considered fashionable and were usually thick and unsightly. But now there are so many styles, makes and even affordable ones look incredible.

So where can you get these incredible specs from? Well that's where the review can begin. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Glassesshop.com to try out a pair of their glasses. Going through their range was difficult, there were so many styles, colors and sunnies to glasses there were just too many that I wanted.

So let's get down to business, who are glassesshop.com, well as their name suggests they are an online retailer of glasses. Well not just eyeglasses and sunglasses, they also sell prescription sunglasses and glasses. Though with the prescription glasses, you can by just the glasses frames, this means that anyone can wear these specs. For me, a wearer of prescription glasses this makes me very happy, as there aren't many fashionable glasses at an affordable price. I'm mean lets be fair prescription glasses have improved over the years but they are still behind the fashion houses of the likes of Top Shop for their styles. And don't get me started on the prescription sunglasses, I'v e only found one pair that I love, so this company is thinking completely out the box when it comes to prescription.

I decided that my first pair I want something different and stylish and on trend. So I chose Glenview Round in Golden. They are the cutest round glasses I have ever seen and they fit and feel comfortable on the face. Not only do they fit well, they look so on fleek and instagram worthy. But don't worry if you don't think round glasses will suit you, as you can try the glasses on interactively, and there is a easy refine key, that lets you select the style you are after or whether they are prescription or not.

Now down to the prices, they range from $14.95 - $69.95 (glasses) and $12.95 - $55.95 (sunglasses). But wait, it's in dollars, will I still be able to get them?? YES!!! They ship internationally, for a fee of course if it is under a certain amount. But really the amount you save going with glassesshop.com really out weighs the small shipping cost. But if the affordable price is still a little high for you, I have a little gift for you...

50% off all glasses and sunglasses with free lenses through out the store (excludes sale items) use GSHOT50

I am obsessed with my new glasses and I will definitely be picking up a few more pairs and some sunnies when I can. So, if your after though stylish instagram glasses or fashionable prescription glasses, give Glassesshop.com a try and grab your favorite pair.

Stay Gorgeous

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