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A Land Down Under: Top Cities in Aus

For many people living in the UK, Australia is their dream destination. A land of stunning sandy beaches, seemingly endless sunshine and an enviable laid-back lifestyle. If you are planning a trip down under, you will almost certainly travel through some of the great cities while exploring the country. Though the names may be familiar, you may not know all that much about them, so let’s take a closer look at some of Australia’s most famous cities.


The one that many people mistake as being the capital, you will probably most associate Sydney with its world-famous Opera House. The country’s most populated city has some incredible beaches and a buzzing nightlife to match its picturesque skyline. You can experience its beauty both by ferry and on foot to get totally different impressions of the place. The Rocks and Potts Point districts are where you can find the parties, while Manly and Bondi Beaches are popular spots to unwind. A city with something for everyone!


The rivalry with Sydney is well-known, and it is not an easy job to choose between the two. Melbourne has worked hard on its reputation as the cultural and culinary hub of the country. No trip is complete without checking out the markets in Melbourne. Its nightlife has more of a European-feel and if you are into your arts, this is certainly the city to visit. The prices are generally cheaper in Melbourne and there are plenty of cafes and independent shops where you can while away the hours.


The most remote city in the world, Perth is located 1,300 miles away from another city in Australia. But that doesn’t mean that it is not worth a visit! In fact, Perth is the country’s fastest-growing cities and one that you can tell is really going places. If you are a fan of going to the park when you are in a city, you won’t be disappointed with King’s Park which stretches nearly 1,000 acres!


If getting out in the water is your thing when you are on holiday, then you certainly won’t be disappointed by Cairns. Scuba diving and snorkelling are practically mandatory when you are here as the Great Barrier Reef is on the doorstep. It also offers great opportunities for hikers with the Daintree rainforest to the north. When it comes to unforgettable outdoor experiences, Cairns certainly provides you with a great base.


Up in the tropical north of the country, Darwin is surrounded by spectacular lush landscape including waterfalls 600 feet high! Part of the pleasure of visiting here is going to the national parks, which are certainly some of the most beautiful in the country. You can even escape the heat by enjoying the cooling waterholes - just make sure you check the signs telling you that it is a crocodile-free zone!  

Though there are plenty of other cities to visit in Australia, these five give you a good overview of the diversity that you will find in this beautiful country.          

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