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There’s more to the Mediterranean than a Beach Holiday


When most of us think of a holiday in the Med, lounging around on a Spanish or Greek beach is likely to come to mind. However, there are many other ways to enjoy these vibrant part of the world. Why not consider one of these offbeat Mediterranean vacations.

Soak up the history

Those looking for a cultured trip shouldn’t ignore the Med. Greece has long been known as the birthplace of civilisation. Whilst many go to the Greek island of Crete to sun themselves, this island is also home to the ruins of Europe’s city Knossos. The Croatian coastal city of Dubrovnik meanwhile is surrounded by impressive medieval walls and contains museums and renaissance buildings. Then there’s Mallorca’s Palma which has an impressive mix of Moorish and European architecture. Rome, Barcelona and site of Pompeii meanwhile are also situated on the Mediterranean coast.

Explore by water

Exploring the med by water allows you to soak up the sun and luxury whist seeing lots of places in one holiday. Cruises are the most common form of this holiday and are essentially like living in huge moving hotels. Every day you can get out and explore a new location, or simply lounge on the deck with a cocktail. There are also companies such as The Big Sail that organise trips via yacht. This allows a more intimate vacation via water with less crowds.


Drive the coast

The Med’s coastlines are some of the most scenic to drive in the world. Many choose to drive the French Riviera which takes you along winding clifftop roads overlooking the sea with the opportunity to stop at such renowned towns and cities as St Tropez, Monaco, Cannes and Nice. A similar route runs along the Costa Brava in Spain. Rent a car and see where it takes you.

On your bike

Many of the med’s coastlines are also superb for cycling. They offer incredible vistas and a variety of uphill and downhill roads. Many a veteran cyclist has attempted the EuroVelo 8, which stretches from Cadiz to Athens. You can hire a bike or take your own. This is great for those that want an active holiday.

Catch a train tour

You can take a number of train tours to towns and cities in the med. Italian train tours allow you to see sights such as Venice, Lake Garda and Milan all in one trip. Many of these trains run along the coast for durations of their journey offering a unique viewing experience. You can stay in accommodation en route or take the more rugged interrailing approach and sleep on the train (just make sure someone’s awake to stand guard and ensure you get off at the right stations). Check out Great Rail Journeys for some of the rail trips on offer.

Stay Gorgeous

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