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Battle of the Purple Shampoo

I recently decided to go back ombre with a little bit of balayage thrown in there. But, if you're naturally a warm brunette and you have ever tried to dye your hair blonde, you will know it usually turns out a strange orange yellow shade. A shade that is classic with peroxide blonde, not really attractive any more. There are ways around this, like getting it done professionally though this can take a lot of time and money to achieve that perfect blonde. Or, which I did once in the past, keep dying your hair blonde until you're happy with it, I wouldn't recommend it as you can kill your hair off so quickly that you'll wish you never did it.

So you decided to save your money and home dye your hair, but you left with that peroxide blonde color. First things first, leave your hair alone for at least a day. The main reason is because your hair will be incredibly delicate and can easily turn from healthy to not. This means no hair driers, straighteners, curlers and washing (I will have a separate post up on how to keep your hair healthy). So, you've left your hair now what, it's time to invest in a purple shampoo. Here's where things get so confusing, there are so many out there but what one truly works.

Now before I get into it, yes I know there are actually a ton of purple shampoos out there and yes I have been recommended the Fudge purple shampoo. But, here's the thing, for us Brits it isn't that easy to get our hands on when you're in desperate need. So I decided to test out two shampoos available in Boots and Superdrug. I was going to also test the Silver Touch Bright Shampoo, but I have tried this and it does work but it is expensive for the size of the bottle. So without further ado, the 2 shampoos I will be testing are: John Frieda Color Renew Purple Shampoo and the Charles Worthington Ultra Violet Shampoo.

Both bottles are about £6.99 and both contain 250ml of product. Both smell nice and can be easily applied to wet hair. But, if you have ever tried purple shampoo, you will know that applying it to wet hair doesn't give you the best results. To really put these shampoos to the test, they will be applied to dry hair. Now application to dry hair is actually a little tricky, it is simple and straightforward enough, seperate your hair and apply. But here is where things become a little tricky...purple shampoos come in a variety of shades and when you get yourself a shade that is rather deep in color it can and will stain your hands and occasionally your clothes. The John Frieda Shampoo is more of a lilac shade, which is nice to apply, and doesn't stain the skin. The Charles Worthington Shampoo on the other hand is a very deep purple and does stain your skin and does stain clothing (though this does wash out of clothes fairly easily), so wear old clothes you don't mind getting ruined. 


Application done, half and half, time to wait. I left the shampoos on for 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is a long time and I do recommend at least an hour with lilac shampoos to get the full effect. Wash the color of the hair did appear to be different, however, without washing it out fully this can be a mask. Wash out is pretty easy, the shampoos foam up and wash out very well, and leave the hair smelling and feeling clean. There was no staining in the shower or on the towels when drying.  

(Charles on left, John on right)


Verdict??? Charles Worthington Ultra Violet Shampoo...Well... yes it did everything that I wanted it to do, no more brass, orange or yellow tones. But, this shampoo really doesn't need that long on the hair as it stains. I ended up with slight purple ends, but don't fret, it does wash out after about 2-3 washes. The John Frieda Color Renew Purple Shampoo did a good job, but I still felt I could see the brass and yellow tones. As a instant correction the Charles Worthington Shampoo is king and has about 3 full head applications (for my hair) in the bottle. As a touch up and refresh the John Frieda is your man, bringing life back to dull yellowing blonde hair. 

(Dry after 2 applications, one as above one full Charles)

Which one would you choose??

Stay Gorgeous

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