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Around the World in 80 Hotels

Today the places that travellers lay their head is just as much of an attraction as the places they travel to themselves. The hotels that travellers and holidaymakers choose as the base for their travels or holiday is as big a part of it as what they actually do in the place. These day, hotels are just as much of a holiday commodity as the holiday itself. So, it’s only right the best hotels on earth are dedicated their very own article, is it not? Here you will find some of the best hotels the world's to offer — but you won’t find 80 of them!


Dorsett City, London, England

If you want to stay in a hotel that makes you feel at the forefront of the modern world, then look no further than the Dorsett City, London. This 13-story hotel boasts some of the striking and modern architecture in the whole of London to make any future-lovers out there feel right at home. And if you love experiencing the heartbeat of a modern, bustling city then this is also the hotel for you. It is located in the heart of the City of London financial district and is surrounded by a plethora of some of London’s must see locations. The Whitechapel Gallery is a mere eight minute walk away. The Tower of London isn’t much further. For those of you wanting to visit London to experience its grandeur then you simply have to stay in a hotel, like the Dorsett, that can offer this even when you're sleeping!
Marina Bay Sands, Downtown Core, Singapore

As evidenced recently on Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, this is a hotel that makes most others pale in comparison. Marina Bay Sands, which opened in 2010, truly is a breathtaking spectacle for all to see. And for those who stay in it, it’s even better. Guests at this hotel have a mall, a museum, theatres, restaurants, Crystal Pavilions, an ice-skating rink and a casino to keep them entertained during their stay. And that’s all on site! And that’s not even mentioning the 340-metre swimming pool and SkyPark that sits on top of it! This area at the top of the hotel allows guests to relax enjoy the views of Singapore’s Marina Bay.
Taj Lake Palace, Rajasthan, India

There are many great hotels in India, but the Taj Lake Palace is at the helm of that illustrious list. You need to take a boat out to get to it, need there be anymore said? It floats above the water and makes for the perfect romantic destination for any star-crossed lovers out there searching for the best place to visit with their other half. The hotel offers 360-degree views of the Lake Pichola on which it floats as well as the surrounding area of Udaipur. This hotel truly is a reason to visit India.
If you ever need reasons to travel, not that you probably ever will, then why not make any of the hotels on this list be those reasons? In fact, why not make some of, or maybe even all of, the hotels found here be your reason to get out and see the world? There’s a whole world of hotels out there just waiting for you to check in, you just have to book that flight ticket!

Stay Gorgeous

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