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4 Weeks To Experience These 4 Things In South Africa


South Africa remains one of the most amazing countries on earth. It is as if the red soil has an addictive compound hidden in its deep hue, a way of pulling you in so that you never want to leave. Unfortunately, most travelers put an expiry date on each place they visit; it is part of the vagabond journey they have created for themselves. With the southern tip of the Dark Continent in mind, that is a shame; there is just so much to do, to see, to explore, cherish, immerse yourself in and snatch your breath.

It is a place than can’t be done in less than a month, and even that would be a squeeze tighter than a clenched fist. But if that is all the time you can give this places, then here is your essential guide to things you must see with your own two eyes.


Robben Island
It is the most southern world heritage site in South Africa, and one of the most staggering anywhere in the world. For nearly 400 years it was used as an island prison, with Nelson Mandela serving time there for over 20 years. The reason this makes our list is simple; it is a place where you can feel the power of human spirit, where freedom, democracy, and victory shine out as you look back at Cape Town and the incredible Table Mountain.


Kiss A Shark
There are only a few places where you are given the chance to get up close and personal with Great White Sharks in Cape Town is one of them, so why waste the opportunity of a lifetime. It is one of the bucket list activities that will blow your mind, fill you with adrenaline from head to toe and let you get on with seeing the rest of this astonishing country without hesitation.


The Big Five
There is something amazing about seeing the Big Five with your own eyes, and there is no better place to do this than at the Kruger National Park on the border of Mozambique. It’s not just about tours and safaris and sitting in the back of jeeps; no way, not on our list. The Kruger offers you the chance to make a difference, to work with lions and other animals, to actually experience the life of an African game ranger by doing a two-week course. We know this eats up a large chunk of your month, but it is the most real African experience you can ever get, and that makes it worth every second.


Sani Pass
There are no two ways about this, the Sani Pass is the absolute mother of all of South Africa’s mountain treks. In a game of Top Trumps, it wouldn’t matter what you picked, the Sani Pass would always come out on top; distance, climbs, iconic, difficulty and summit (which stands at 9000ft). It is one of those experiences that Top Gear gets its thrills from, and so you should too. So, grab a 4x4 and an experienced survivor and go and see those dramatic vistas for yourself, those amazing feats of nature, and cherish them because you will do well to find something better anywhere else on earth.

Stay Gorgeous
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