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Why I Have Been AFK

I know, I know, I promised that I would be back with more posts and what happened... A big silence and the occasional tweet. This is not purposely done at all, and if you have seen my Instagram, you would know I am still there in the beauty and fashion scene. So why AFK for so long??

The main reason is work. As I said in my last life update, I got a new job. Nothing special but something to give me more experience and a bit more money. But having never done shift work before, it all became a bit overwhelming. My life turned into work, work and work! Now I am not complaining at all, the people are nice and the pay is alright, it's just going from nothing to everything has been hard to get the balance of work and home right. Most days that I have free I have been relaxing or sleeping it away, leaving no time for blogging.

But, having worked there for a month now, I am starting to fit in and figure out a routine. On top of this, I have also be put in a more permanent position, that is set hours and days. This is going to be a lot easier for me, and give me a lot more time with my family and blogging. I know that it will still be a struggle at first to get a plan together, but I am going to be more determined to do it.

Along with work, I have also been busy testing and trialing beauty products for review. Which, I really want to fully test before I write my reviews, and it means I have a stockpile of reviews to write. As well as reviews (and vlogs) of the events I have been to last month, with a few tips for anyone who hasn't been to events before.

Finally all I have left to say is, Happy Easter and ...

Stay Gorgeous

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