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Perfect But Unexpected European Destinations For Fashion Lovers

If your holidays aren’t complete with a blow-out shopping spree, it probably affects the way you choose your destination. Paris, Milan, and London are all obvious destinations, but sometimes it’s nice to get off the beaten track. Europe is full of beautiful cities, teeming with rich culture and fantastic night lives, which also have a world class fashion scene, they just don’t shout about it like Milan and Paris. So, without further ado, here are five fantastically chic European cities that any fashionista will fall in love with.

The city of romance, history, and incredible food also has a secret side - the shopping is phenomenal. Full to the brim of Renaissance art galleries featuring the likes of Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Botticelli, it’s not surprising that a city so in love with the arts is also so in love with fashion. From the open-air markets to the high-end boutiques, it’s a true fashion favourite, just ever so slightly overshadowed by its fashion giant neighbour, Milan.

Travelling to France and the rest of Europe is so straight forward from the UK and within Europe, although slightly more tricky from the rest of the world. If you’re travelling in from further afield, you’ll need to check whether you require a visa waiver called an ETIAS, so go to the website to find out more. Once you’re there, though, Bordeaux is a secret fashion haven. Located in the south-west of France, it’s got all the high fashion of Paris, with far more clement weather. Luxury, air-conditioned malls are the perfect getaway from the heat of the street, and you’re guaranteed to find yourself some stunning pieces.

When you think of high fashion, you probably don’t necessarily think of Germany. Berlin, however, is a pure gem of cute little vintage stores, boutiques, and retro clothing. The high-end isn’t overly represented, but if you want to find fun one-of-a-kind pieces, Berlin is the place for you. Be sure to check out the flea market at Mauerpark on a Sunday for an absolute vintage-fest, or check out the cute stores around Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg.

The Swedish style is minimalist and functional, but they do fashionable flair as well as the next people. Twice a year they have their Stockholm fashion week, featuring local designers, which can be a great introduction to the country. If you want a holiday that will see you returning home with some truly unique but wearable pieces, Stockholm is the place to go. Check out the Östermalm district and Bibliotekstan for beautiful and luxurious boutiques.

Quietly rising onto the fashion scene, Budapest is a city on a mission, but they’re not shouting about it. With stunning architecture and great nightlife, it’s a city made for an amazing weekend away, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Be sure to check out Vaci Street and the surrounding areas for some great high-end fashion, and stray further afield to find the unique little shops and boutiques that make European fashion so interesting and varied.

If you want fashion, you don’t have to go to Milan, Paris, or London. Check out some of the hidden gems that Europe has to offer.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. Thank you for this little round-up. I now have new traveling ideas xx