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Let There Be Lights

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The Northern Lights of Iceland are as spectacular and awe-inspiring as they are elusive and unpredictable. Therefore if you’re planning a trip to Iceland in an attempt to catch a glimpse of nature's most magnificent sky display you should put in a little planning beforehand to maximise your chances of bagging the best views.

So, today I’m going to share, the when, the where and the how’s involved in getting the most out of your trip to Iceland to see The Great Northern Lights.


So first things first, where are the places to see the Northern Lights in Iceland? Obviously the cities aren’t the best places to see the Northern lights so you’re best travelling out of the cities and out into the sticks. The darker and more remote, the better.

Some people believe that finding a hilly or mountainous spot to get a higher vantage point is a good idea but actually it really doesn’t make much difference if you’re at the top of a mountain unless that spot just so happens to be extremely dark.

Another myth is that the further North you can get in Iceland, the better for seeing The Northern Lights. This again isn’t true, you are already in Iceland! It doesn’t get much more northern than that. The key for the best vantage points is really anywhere outside the city limits. Think peaceful, tranquil and rural.

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This is probably an even more important question than ‘where?’ as a clear sky gives you the all clear to venture out to find a good spot, safe in the knowledge that you’re going to be in for a good show.

Same goes for the time of year, you’re much more likely to see The Northern Lights in November than you are in June, so bear this in mind when booking your tickets.

The jury is out regarding the best time of night as there seems to be many differing opinions on this front. However, general consensus tends to be that any time between 20:00 and midnight is a key time to see The Northern Lights in all their glory. So make sure you’re rugged up as that’s a long time to be outside in the frosty Icelandic evenings.


There are many ways to navigate the island, in search of the best sky views. Including everything from super jeep tours to romantic boat tours. What better way to take in the astounding nature of The Northern Lights than from the comfort and peace of your own boat? If you’re worried about the weather, fear not, you will be equipped with the snuggest clothes and blankets to ensure you can enjoy the view in warmth and comfort.

The braver, more seasoned travellers may vouch for camping or hiking trips as their prefered way to experience the nature of Iceland and the wonderful spectacle of The Northern Lights. Whenever and however you choose to enjoy this amazing place I wish you a happy hunting experience.

Stay Gorgeous

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