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Last Minute Spring Break Ideas That Encompass Relaxation & Glamour

Spring has sprung, the sun has put his hat on, and the temperatures are starting to rise. When it comes to travel, a lot of us choose to wait until summer to get away, but we shouldn’t do. Sometimes a spring break can be a much better option, partly because they tend to cost less and also because it’s a great time to getaway as hot countries aren’t too hot and they’re not as busy either. So if you’ve got some time off this spring, then now could be the perfect time to book yourself a last minute trip. The question is, of course, where should you go?

For a beach trip, jet off to the sunny South of France


For a short spring break, the sunny South of France is a popular travel destination. Think Nice, Provence, or Saint Tropez, all of these destinations are spring hotspots, and it’s easy to see why. With some amazing hotels, fancy restaurants and eateries, and the beach close by, it’s no wonder that so many travelers flock to the South of France as soon as the sun comes out. Here you can drink and dine in style, relax on the many white sand beaches, and have fun trying out a range of watersports. What could be better?

For a cultural break, head to Hong Kong

hong kong.jpg

For a more cultural trip, head to Hong Kong, a region of China. Over the past few years, Hong Kong has become something of a tourist hotspot, especially areas of it like Kowloon, an arts and entertainment district. Within Kowloon, there’s a popular area called Tsim Sha Tsui which a lot of travelers choose to visit due to the incredible amenities on offer. Here you can book into a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel that’s nestled among the shops, restaurants, and bars, and is easily within walking distance of all the best cultural sights and attractions, like museums, parks, and traditional temples. Hong Kong isn’t just about the culture; there’s also plenty of eateries, bars, and clubs, including a couple of rooftop bars that overlook the entire area.

For a lively trip, hop on a plane to Ibiza


For a spring break that encompasses both relaxation and glamour, as well as a lot of partying, Ibiza could just be the perfect place. The party island of Ibiza has a reputation as being one of the world’s best locations for letting loose and having a laugh, but there’s more to this sunny island than meets the eye. One half of the island of Ibiza might be packed full of beachfront hotels, cocktail bars, and nightclubs, but the other half is much less developed and more authentic. Making this unique island the perfect place for a break that encompasses both glamour and partying, as well as plenty of relaxation.

There you have it, three last-minute spring break ideas that encompass both relaxation and glamour. Hopefully, one of the above suggestions will tickle your fancy and give you a spring break to remember.

Stay Gorgeous

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