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Top 5 Highend || Lipstick

Wow, we have come a long way from the start of this series. Blog layout changed, style changed and yet I didn't update the list. I wanted to stay true to the original list and it was my goal to get it all done. But, there were a few hurdles in the way, such as the 2 lists I decided to remove. Why?? Well because in all honestly I don't really use that many highend products in that category or I just don't like using that product (lipgloss). Well, it has been a journey and I'm glad you have stuck with me to the end. And this set is my favorite and the most difficult to compile as I am obsessed with lipstick. Again like usual, there are products that might be better but this is just what I prefer and it might give you some shopping ideas. Let's get to it!

This isn't your traditional lipstick, mainly because it is in a crayon form. Unfortunately, you do have to sharpen this one, but it still looks amazing. There are few consistencies available in a few shades, but my personal preference is the matte. Cruella is a beautiful matte deep red, perfect for work, date nights and a night out on the town. A bold lip that packs a punch, and best part is it makes your teeth look whiter. This is a great little lipstick, which lasts on the lips and is perfect for travel.

This lipstick I can honestly say is in this list because of the packaging. The lipstick is really nice on the lips, a glossy finish in a pink nude shade. Being a gloss lipstick it doesn't last long on the lips, but looks great on the lips for a day look. But the packaging is the best part of this product, it just has that expensive designer aesthetic. Which, if you're like me, looks great displayed on your vanity. So, out of all of these lipsticks, I would say this one is more for the look then the product.

It wasn't hard to put Mac lipstick in my top 5, but what was the struggle was choosing a shade. Mac have so many gorgeous shades of lipstick, in so many different consistencies that choosing just one was a challenge. Do I choose one that I have used since the very beginning or do I choose a new one, or one I grab all the time. Choices, choices?? I took the decision to choose Whirl, a beautiful matte brown nude shade. This to me is a perfect shade for my lips just like Velvet Teddy. But, don't be afraid to try all the shades and types. There is a shade there for everyone and being such a reasonable price for a highend lipstick, it is no wonder why so many people (including me) gain a collection.

The most expensive lipstick on this list and one of the smallest. This Tom Ford lipstick is mini compared to their full size ones. This lipstick has a semi gloss finish, which compared to usual gloss finish lipsticks, actually lasts on the lips. If you really want an extravagant lipstick, which feels luxurious on the lips, pick up this one as an investment. But, there are cheaper alternatives out there, but I do have to say the packaging is incredible and so sleek and beautiful.

Finally one of my all time favorites. The Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are slowly becoming like the Mac lipsticks in the way that they are becoming collectable. I much prefer the matte revolution range to the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range. The difference are that the matte range is matte and the other is a gloss finish. The formula is amazing on the lips, it goes on smooth and it is designed so it almost makes your lips look fuller and natural. Out of all of these lipsticks this would be the one I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I chose Amazing Grace as it is a beautiful pinky nude, but they have a bunch of shades to choose from.

And finally that is it. Wow, we made it, the final Top 5 Highend. I hope you guys have enjoyed it, even though it took a long time to complete. But, like I say at the end of every top 5, there are products better that these, they are just my preference and what I like. This top 5 is to give you new ideas of products or more on what I think would be a great product to have.

What is your favorite lipstick??

Stay Gorgeous

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