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Three Stellar Ways to Make Your Next Trip More Affordable

There are a number of travel blogs and people that travel the world but have sold all of their possessions to do so. They quit jobs and give up their homes and just head off for an adventure. But let’s be honest, there aren’t many of us that can really be able to do that (nor want to either). We have jobs we love, education to pursue or family ties and commitments to keep up. Which is why the majority of people choose to travel occasionally, with one or two trips a year.

It can be expensive to travel; I get it. But it is just so enriching and can really benefit you. Seeing some of the wonders of the world can be so worth it. How to afford it all is the question. We don’t all have lots of spare cash each month. But there are several ways that will make travel more affordable. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan your next trip. Some might work for you; some might not. But whether your trip is abroad or at home, it is completely worth it.


Use Air Miles

A flight to somewhere like the Caribbean or South America can cost anywhere from £500 - £800, depending on the airline and time of year, for example. But why pay for it with real money if you don’t need to? Getting yourself a credit card that will help you to earn air miles each time you spend on it is a really easy way to get ‘cash’ for flights. Obviously, you should still live within your means and pay your card off each month. But pay for the things you’d be getting anyway, like food and petrol, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Look Out For Good Deals

How you get your income can completely vary from person to person. But if you work freelance, or are self-employed, for example, it can make it a little trickier to fund a trip. It can be hard to pay for a trip when you have a lot of outstanding payments (one of the perils of working freelance). So if you found a bargain online, somewhere like Groupon or Expedia, then you might want to snap it up as soon as you can. But if you don’t have the cash right away, it can mean missing the deal and paying more later. So you could look for a direct lender should you need some money up front. Then it just means you can get the deal as and when you need it but can sort it all out when invoices get paid, or when payday comes along.

Consider Homes Instead of Hotels

The accommodation on a trip abroad can be where a lot of your money goes. It can be nice not having to do the cooking in an all-inclusive hotel. But it can be even nicer saving money and looking for somewhere self-catering. After all, you’d be paying for your groceries if you were at home for the week. SO look to rent a house on a site like Airbnb, for example, rather than a hotel. You’ll find that there are some much cheaper options, especially for city breaks.

Stay Gorgeous

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