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Snow Business: Travel The World As A Ski Instructor!


Are you looking for something worthwhile to do in your gap year or you feel like having a bit of a career break to figure out what to do next? If you love winter sports, enjoy meeting new people and fancy waking up in some of the best resorts in the world then training as a ski season instructor could be the answer. It’s important that you enjoy skiing, to the point you can’t get enough of it as a ski instructor’s days are often long, filled with back to back classes as well as confidently whizzing down the mountain at short notice!

It Ain’t About The Money

It is possible to make a lot of money out of skiing if you’re highly motivated and decide to set
up a ski school, or instructors training program of your own. However, most enthusiasts don’t work just for the paycheck but for the sense of freedom, love of the sport and the laid back lifestyle that skiing gives you. It’s why being passionate about fresh, undisturbed snow, downhill runs, ski wax, new ski gear and the excited feeling that comes with strapping your ski boots on each morning is imperative. We’re not saying you won’t be able to eat, but if the number of dollars in your pocket is a priority you may want to think again.

People Person

Ski instructors need to be friendly, welcoming and above all excellent communicators because if you tell, or show someone something and they don’t understand then, they can severely injure themselves or worse. While you might think that teaching people how to ski is easy think again! Not all children want to learn, in fact, they’re often much more interested in throwing snowballs at each other so don’t pick kids sessions because you think they’ll be a piece of cake! Not all ski instructors do the same job either as there are beginners, intermediate and advanced classes, ski schools, semi-pro clinic and even weekends away. You’ll also find specialized classes like tree skiing, racing, backcountry basics and park programs. Newbies tend to start out teaching young children and beginners as senior leaders, or those who’ve racked up more seasons, get the chance to cherry pick who they want to teach.

Let’s Go See Snow!

The elephant in the room is that, yes, skiing is a seasonal sport and no matter how much you wish it wouldn’t the snow season always comes to an end. However, don’t think that you need to stay on site working in a bar job, nope now’s the time to pack up your gear and go globe trotting as, thanks to something called the equator, there’s always snow somewhere in the world. Grab a group of your closest buddies and go stay in a luxury ski chalet while relishing the challenges of a brand new resort, trying new, unfamiliar foods and soaking up all the sights, sounds and smells that come with all exciting cultural experiences! Being certified by a major skiing body like the CSIA, BASI, or NZSIA means that the world is now your oyster. Why not visit North America? New Zealand? Europe? Or Asia?

Stay Gorgeous

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