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Sleep is for the Weekend

You’re never too old to invite your friends around for a sleepover. There’s just something about them, isn’t there? You don’t have to call it a day because you want to get home and go to sleep; you simply close your eyes with your pals and when you wake up you’re still surrounded by your favourite people. They’re seriously underrated, and especially as you move into adulthood you’ll find that you’re more so staying over at your friend’s after a night out or an occasion, rather than as the occasion itself.

So it’s time to clear your diaries - make a date that you can all stick to and get prepared for the best sleepover ever!

Food & Drink

Junk food is staple for sleepovers, right? Wrong. It doesn’t have to focused on sugary treats and pizza if you don’t want it to be. To make it a grownup affair you could have nibbles such as crudites and hummus, put on a few sharing platters or even do a sit-down meal. Or you could take it back completely old school and bring in the candy and the soda for the night; it’s all dependent on how adventurous you’re feeling with the provision of food for your guests. Make sure that you have something in place for breakfast, too!

Movies, beauty pampering, hair styling and gossip - that’s what traditional sleepovers are made of. You can’t really go wrong with a formula like that, but you can add to it to make it that bit more exciting. You could make your own selfie booth, complete with props and your own hashtag for social media, to remember the night forever. Crafts will never go out of style, and you could spend the evening learning a new skill together or indulging in something you know you all love. The possibilities are endless, so you don’t have to stick to what you were doing in your early teens for the rest of your life; mix it up a little bit and ask your guests for suggestions on what to do if you’re seriously struggling!

Sleeping Arrangements

Unless you’ve got three tiered bunk beds to call upon or a mass of airbeds to use at a moment’s notice, it’s unlikely that you’ll have sleeping places for everyone that you’re inviting round.  Go back to basics and use up couch space and anything else you have to improvise as a mattress. It may be that your friends have their own supplies that they can bring round for an easy night’s sleep, but if not then you may want to consider a blow-up bed which incorporates a mattress with a sleeping bag - handy for occasions like this!

The Next Day

Unfortunately for the host, the best sleepovers end with them getting up before everybody else and preparing the breakfast and everything else that needs doing around the house. The quicker you get up and get it done, the quicker everybody will leave … and you can go back to your normal bed for a few sneaky hours!

Stay Gorgeous

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