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Rock That Body: How To Get Your Party Started

There’s nothing that anyone really looks forward to more than a great party - but a lot of the thrill comes from attending them, rather than holding them. Because let’s face it, throwing parties can be a pretty daunting thing to do. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help them run smoothly...

Choose A Theme

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If you want your party to really stand out from the rest, why not choose a theme? You don’t necessarily have to get everyone to dress up - although fancy dress can be a fantastic way to break the ice among your guests if they don’t know each other very well yet. A theme like jungle animals or favourite books will help you decide both on your own look and what decor you can put up.

Add Some Quirky Touches

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If you want to make your party a little different from the norm, there are a bunch of fun touches you can add to make it even more special. Have you ever been to a party with a photo booth? It means that guests can print off their own photos to stick in a guestbook or take home as a keep sake. If you don’t want to go big and hire one, you could always set up a photo station with fun props like top hats and fake glasses for your friends to enjoy. You could also consider adding a silent disco element of the night, where guests get to choose their own music through their silent disco headphones, leading to a ton of different fun dancing styles across the room! If you haven’t got your headphones on then believe me, a silent disco is a sight you can’t miss out on.

Go For Simple Food

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The best way to pick the food you’ll provide is to go for either something that ties in with your theme - Harry Potter cocktails named after potions, anyone? - or pretty simple food that you think everyone will enjoy. You can’t go wrong with burgers so long as you provide veggie options for anyone who doesn’t eat meat, and you should also remember that finger food is also very popular. Don’t provide dishes like rice salad unless there are plenty of places for your guests to sit down and enjoy their food, as they’re hard to eat standing up.

Choose Your Music Carefully

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You might be a huge fan of experimental jazz or death metal, but that doesn’t mean that you should choose your party to introduce your friends to your favourite genre. Let’s face it, a warbling saxophone isn’t much good to dance to. If you don’t fancy hiring a DJ then it’s a good idea to put together your playlist yourself instead of plugging in your MP3 player, hitting shuffle and hoping for the best. Spend a little time going through your songs and ask your friends to let you know what music they’d like to hear when they RSVP. Take a good look at your guest list and choose songs that you think everyone might appreciate, from a little Frank Sinatra for the older folk to some early 00s punk pop for your old university friends.

Stay Gorgeous

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