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Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?

In a world dominated by social media, we feel like we are constantly in touch with our friends. We get to see pictures of what they’re doing, statuses informing us of what they’re up to and their views on current topics and can get hold of them in an instant. But what this is meaning for our real life connection with this person rather than our online one is that we are not seeing the whole picture. We are not able to take into account everything that has happened in their lives, and we are not able to show accurately everything that is happening in ours. Social media is famously a reflection of only the best bits, but let the best bits come from your time with them rather than through seeing them on a technical device.

Plan a Weekend Away

It’s so normal for people to spend weekends away together, getting some time off from the world around us that can easily stress us out. You could plan a trip to a nice place to stay such as The Wood Norton Hotel, book a spa weekend or even something more activity-led. If they live in a city that you don’t visit often, you could spend the weekend with them or vice-versa. The world is absolutely your oyster in this instance, and it won’t take much to visit for a catch up. You could even take it a step further and travel to another country - tripping across Europe is trip and increasingly popular to do.

Set Small Coffee Dates

If you can’t set aside a weekend to do a major catch-up (which is easily done in a working culture of split shifts and weekend hours), try and find a time when you can both meet up, and see if you can make it a regular thing. Even half an hour can make all the difference in being able to introduce yourself back into somebody’s life. It can seem like no time has passed when you first meet up, but if you try and consider the last time that you saw one another, in some instances it can be years. The digital age has made time pass by us so quickly because we constantly feel like we are involved in each others lives.

Phone Instead of Text

We are so used to texting or instant messaging one another nowadays that it’s a surprise when we hear the phone ring. The anxiety that people are having in regards to answering the phone is rising, and it’s no wonder - we are becoming increasingly less used to having to answer it. Hearing someone’s voice and the intonation in their conversation can give you a better idea of what they’re saying rather than reading it in a text message. Only a certain amount of meaning can be sent via SMS, but being able to hear the joy, sadness, love and a whole host of other emotions in their voice if you can’t see them is better than any message you’ll ever receive.

Stay Gorgeous

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