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Top 5 Highend || Shadow

This one was a hard one to compile, I have so many single shadows and palettes I didn't know which ones to choose. But, I finally made a list and since making the list a few more have become new favorites, but I'm gonna stick to the list. Let's go!

5. Benefit Peek-a-Bright Eyes (£26.50)
This is probably my first highend eyeshadow palette, but it is definitely one I can not live without. A very small basic palette, but looks incredible on the eyes. With its 3 shades, eye primer and brushes you can create such a beautiful look. Admittedly it isn't a palette that you can make many looks with, but the idea of this palette is to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. I have seen this palette on every eye shade and it just looks beautiful and really goes the trick. Not only does this palette make your eyes pop, but being so small and having brushes and a mirror, it is really all you need for travel. I have taken it on every holiday I have been on, it really is my go to look for my holidays. So quick and eyes to use, not to mention the packaging is beautiful, I would highly recommend this palette. And just for you guys I have a few offers to share: Free delivery on any order over £40 at Benefit!
(Not available on the website any more, boo!)

Now this one is a little different to all the shadows on this list, why?? Well it is a creme shadow/eye pot. This creme shadow is one of my all time favorites, and drys on the lids like a dream, and is water and long wear proof. There are a few shades available, but this is one of my favorites. Apply with a brush or your finger and blend over the lid, like smooth butter. I think it's a perfect shade for summer and autumn, as it has just the right amount of shimmer in it for everyday use. It is also great to create that bronze glow look. If you want an easy everyday luxury look, then this is the one for you.

I love this little single eyeshadow, it is multidimensional and beautiful. Unfortunately it was limited edition, but if you can find it in a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) grab it, you won't regret it. This little beauty is perfect for travel, being so small and having its own mirror. Being so travel size it is great to add on the cheeks as a highlight blush and adding that pop of color to that smokey eye look. I love this shadow and to really make the color and dimension stand out I would highly recommend using a glitter glue or Fix+.

Out of all the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, this by far is my favorite. I love a smokey eye, especially a subtle one for day looks and this palette has it all. A great collection of shimmer and matte shades, perfectly split, with matte shades at the end of the palette, you can really pick a shade quick. What's even more amazing about this palette, besides its huge mirror making it great for travel, it can produce an infinite amount of looks. I have found it great for creating halo eyes, smokey day and night eyes, and even just basic swipe of color. If you want to buy a Urban Decay Naked palette but don't really know which one to go for, grab this one as it will be one that you keep going to over and over.

If you are after a perfect mini all in one palette, you will not go wrong with a Charlotte Tilbury one. My favorite is Vintage Vamp, but it is hard to pick a real favorite with so many to choose from. The reason the Charlotte Tilbury palettes are my favorite, is the quality. The packaging is classic, professional and beautiful and having a mirror is great for travel. The shadows inside are literally life, 3 shimmery/matte shades and one pop of glitter. You can do a few great looks with this palette, day to night, glamourous and basic. Being only 4 shades to choose from you can't do everything with this palette, but with so many palettes to choose from you will find one that suites your style. 

These are my favorite highend eyeshadows. This was super hard to narrow down, with so many beautiful shadows to choose from. My way of narrowing down my choices, I considered the quality and how much I use the product. There are so many great palettes out there that there will be more greater and better ones out there.

What is your favorite eyeshadow??

Stay Gorgeous

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