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Top 5 Highend || Mascara

You know the drill, top 5 highend mascaras that I have found work perfectly for me. Like I usually say, there are so many highend mascaras out there that do the same or if not a better job than these. These are just the ones that I own and found worked wonders for me. I do have a lot more highend mascaras than this, but these are what really stand out to me. Tomorrow's post will finally be the last of the Top5's and I can go on to something much better haha. Begin!!

This mascara brings huge drama and impact to any eye look. With the first swipe you get longer, darker lashes, not to mention that the packaging is HOLO!! (closet HOLOsexual) This mascara may not look like anything amazing, but trust me it is a real winner. I love long lashes and this thing delivers, along with a slight thickness at the base of the lash.

A mighty waterproof mascara. I have tried a few waterproof mascaras in my time and nothing really proves to provide that full on proofing, until now. Tarte is a cult classic brand, and widely known for their long wear foundations, liner gel and palettes. One of the more classic mascaras from Tarte is the Lights, Camera, Lashes. But, between the two, I would go for the clay mascara every time. It is super long lasting and gives those lashes the thickness they need. It is my go to mascara for holidays as it can withstand the heat and still look good on the beach. If you are after that industrial mascara that won't budge under pressure, you need this in your life. The only downside for us in the UK is that it is only available on QVC or via Sephora (if you have a credit card).

Nars had some balls to bring out this mascara, and they weren't wrong to, it really does what you expect it to. If you haven't read my review post then you won't know this, when Nars released this mascara they were so behind it that it was the best, they discontinued all their other mascaras. Now, to do that you have to have some balls, and that product really must do what you say. So what does this mascara deliver?? Dark lashes, separated lashes and longer lashes. It ticks so many of my boxes you really can't go wrong. There is just one downside to it, which is easy to rectify...it starts its life very watery. I'm talking sneeze and its all over your face watery. Though, don't fret, if you have any mascara like this just unscrew the cap and live open for a little while and the mixture will thicken up a bit.

This was my very first highend mascara and I have not looked back. A cult classic in its own right, this mascara is the BOMB.com. I cannot live without this mascara so much that I have 4 unopened and 3 opened tubes. So, why am I obsessed with this mascara?? Well it has something to do with the amounts of comments I received when I first started wearing this mascara. I had so many people ask if I had eye lash extensions, because no one believed that my lashes were just coated with mascara. I didn't even have to curl the lashes, they just looked incredible. If you buy one mascara on this list, make it this one as I cannot live without it and neither will you. There is a problem with this mascara though and that is its thickness. The opposite to the Nars mascara but still fixable, you can either heat it up in a cup of hot water before use or add a few drops of contact lense solution to the tube, shake and done. I have used these little hacks personally and have found they work a treat. And just for you guys I have a fab offer: Free delivery on any order over £40 at Benefit!

Finally another cult classic. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara has a love hate relationship with everyone, just like Marmite. I personally love it and think it works just as well as the Benefit mascara, minus the wand and thickness. If the name puts you off, just call it something else, as it is still a truly amazing product. It gives you fuller, thicker lashes and doesn't look clumpy. It had a unique wand which helps capture all the lashes from end to end, curling them up and making your eyes pop. I can't get enough of this mascara, and really need to pick myself up a new one. I would highly recommend this mascara to anyone after that fuller thicker lash look. Plus the packaging is super cute.

So there you have it my top 5 highend mascaras. With all of these mascaras, I would highly recommend you pick yourself up a great facial cleanser/eye cleaner. As these mascaras do last long on the lashes, meaning they can be tough to remove. Never pull off the mascara or leave it on overnight, this can damage your lashes and make them shorter.

What is your favorite mascara??

Stay Gorgeous

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