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Top 5 Highend || Highlighter

First things first, I will be daily blogging this week, and if it goes well then it will be everyday. But don't worry I will have some videos up and ready for you next week. I just have to figure out what has gone wrong with one of the videos. Anywho, let's talk highlighter. You know the drill, I am going to talk about my top 5 highend highlighters, that I have found works well for me. Again, this list is a little old and there are a ton of new better highlighters but I will get into them later in the year. Also, I know that there might be better highlighters out there, but this list is out of all the products I own, but any suggestions will be great. Let's Begin!!

This is probably one of the first highlighters that most people try first, I know for me it was. A beautiful champagne highlighter. Easily blended onto the face and really packs a punch on those cheekbones. Once upon a time was my number one highlighter, now has been put on a back burner. But, don't worry this highlighter is still the Bomb, and for first timers this is a perfect beginner. If you want a bit more shine for a night out then this is the one for you.

Yes I know another Skin Finish, but hear me out. A lot of highlighters these days pack a punch and shine bright for the gods. But what if you want a more subtle highlight, or you don't think you could pull off the bight highlight. Well this is your holy grail! This highlighter is so natural and gives off a subtle shine that it is perfect for everyday use. For me it is perfect for job interviews and important events. This is because these times don't really require anything to bright and blinding. For that subtle glow that makes you look natural and professional, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Cult classic right here. Everyone and their mother has tried this highlighter and have fallen in love. This golden champagne highlight glows bright and I'm pretty sure can be seen from space. It's almost creamy consistency makes it apply and sit like a dream. When you want that glow for a night out and to look fierce, then you need this in your collection. 

One of my favorite cream highlighters, though you need to go light with this guy as a little goes a long way. Used under or over powder this product is Sickening (yes I really just wrote that). I first discovered this product when watching a video by Gabby (velvetghost) and it looked amazing. I wasn't sure that it would work for me or if it would work on top of powder, but after a few attempts I nailed it. High intensity, sliver creamy highlighter really does speak to the gods. I find if you apply it on top of powder tapping is the best way to go, your powder stays intact and you highlight is on point. I would just avoid the nose unless you want that super highlight.

Finally, my number one favorite highlighter, the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. First things first, the packaging is incredible and super photogenic. Inside you get a bronzer and a highlighter, both look natural and incredible. They blend out like a dream and really makes you feel like a star. Now you can pick up a darker version, it is perfect for all skin tones. But here's the catch, it is very expensive. Compared to the other highlights, this is a real investment, so you need to be sure you want it before you buy it. But a word of the wise, if you do get it be careful. Travel is really not its friend, I have heard many stories of people dropping or knocking it and it breaking. So, for a very expensive product it isn't protected very well. But, apart from this, it really is an amazing and truly natural highlight.

And that's it! These have been my highend favorite highlighters. Just one thing that I must say. With all powder highlighters, it is easy to over do it and end up with caky powdery highlight. To stop this go in with a light hand, it is better to apply a little bit more then remove layers. 

What is your favorite highlighter??

Stay Gorgeous

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