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Top 4 Highend || Brows

Ok ok, yes this one is top 4, why?? Well I don't actually own many highend brow products, so I had to make do with Top 4. So, this entire list is all the highend brow products I own and in what order I prefer them, so let's get started.

This was one of the first brow products that I have ever used. When I first started getting into makeup, I used this all the time on my thin brows (yes I regret the thin brows). The kit comes with a mirror, a brow powder and brow wax, as well as mini brushes and tweezers. Last year Benefit changed their packaging to all of their brow products, so I still have the originals. With the change of the range they released many more shades, so now they are perfect for every brow shade. The only thing that is a little annoying is the wax. I don't mind waxes, but the wax in the kit is colored and for some reason the wax is darker than the powder, which is a little annoying if you are going for light brows. Apart from that, it is a great starter kit to use and have a go with. Just for you guys I have a link for you below (2).

This was the first time I have tried brow pomade, and I love it. If you really want to get that instabrow look, pomades are the way to go. I desperately want the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade but it'll have to wait. Though, the Laura Mercier product is fantastic. Firstly, the little pot is super cute and the perfect size for travel. There are many more shades available, which I didn't realise that at the time of purchase, so there should be a product for all brow shades. The only downside is, you will need a dense angled brow brush for super precision. There are many affordable ones available that I have used and they really give you the perfect instabrow. I would say this product is a little more for people with more confidence at doing their brows, however, give it a go and start to perfect that brow. 

This is my favorite fast brow product, just brush it in a go. It comes in 2 shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark and I have tried both. They really help create an effortless, natural and perfect brow look. It takes a minute to achieve beautiful effortless brows, great for everyday or just on the go. The best part of this product is that it is colored, this means if you have any gaps in your brows, they are immediately hidden. Giving you full brows that Cara Delevingne would be proud of. I have gone through 4 tubes of this stuff, it really is a time and life saver. And just for you, Free delivery on any order over £40 at Benefit!

This is one of my all time favorite brow products, and I have only been using it for about a year. I have gone through 2 of these little guys and I couldn't live without it. I never used to like brow pencils, as affordable ones seem to be chunky and a little hard to get a precise brow. But this pencil is completely different, with it's precise thin tip, it is perfect to create brow shape and natural hair lines. Not only that but you can pick it up in so many different shades, there will be a shade out there for you especially if you dye your hair and want brows to naturally match. This is the most affordable product in the list and I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who wants perfect looking brows.

These are my favorite and only highend brow products. These I have found work for me and some are great options for the beach in my opinion (1, 2, 3).

What is your favorite brow product??

Stay Gorgeous

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