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Top 5 Highend || Bronzer/Contour

So the face is Primed, Covered and Concealed, even Mattified...now what?? Well now we have our base done, we need to bring back all those shades and highlights to bring back dimension to the face. In this post I will be listing my top 5 highend bronzer/contour products. These are products I usually go for and each have different plus sides to them (this list was compiled in summer 2016, so some products may differ to recent favorites). Lets begin!!

This bronzer comes in the most adorable packaging, a black heart shaped compact. Inside a mirror and a beautiful almost creamy powder, both bronzer and blush. The two shades are perfect together and great for many skin tones in the light to medium range. There is a little bit of fall out from the actual compact rather than on the skin, however, this seems to make it nicer and easier to blend on the skin. The only down side to this product is that the blush and bronzer aren't separated. This makes it a little harder to swirl my brush into just the bronzer or blush. Though, overall this bronzer is beautiful to have in your collection and to look at, though it is a little on the pricy side for something that you may find hard to use.

This is a strange one for me, as it is more of a dark toned face powder than it is a bronzer. However, for my fair skin tone it is a perfect bronzer for me. Firstly it is a fine powder which makes it highly blendable and it is also formulated to tackle those pesky blemishes. I'm not saying that everyone should go out and grab this powder, either in your shade or a darker shade, but I would highly recommend you look into darker shades of facial powder for the perfect bronzer. The reason for this is the fact that you can find a much more natural bronzer. This way and it makes a great product to wear daily, giving you that natural makeup look. Another powder to try as a bronzer/contour  is the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Natural.

This has become a cult classic, first in the States (and those lucky few who visited) and now the UK. This palette has it all, 3 shades of highlight powder and 3 shades of contour. A powder contour kit that seemed to start the craze off. Beautiful blendable shades, that are designed to work with a multitude of skin tones and skin undertones. This palette doesn't just have your favorite contour and matte highlight shades, but also is great for travel as it has a large mirror inside, one of the biggest I have found in a palette. This may be the most costly palette out of the 5, but if you are after that flawless, matte contour and highlight, this is definitely one for you.

Well, well, well. I couldn't do a bronzer/contour top 5 without mentioning this must have product. From the very beginning of my blog days, I have been a lover of the brand Benefit, but I was always a sceptic when it came to the Hoola Bronzer. I don't know why I was so against it, as when I used it I knew I couldn't live without it. Now, I don't know how well it fairs with darker skin tones but for light skin tones it does make one of the most beautiful matte bronzers. It does come with a small contour brush, however, I personally think it is much more suited as a bronzer than a contour shade. The powder is super blendable and can be blended out in to a subtle bronze glow. I love this product and don't think I could do my makeup without it. If you buy just one product from this list make it this one, as you won't regret it.

Finally one that I think a lot of you may have heard of, and that is the Laguna Bronzer. Perfect for light to tan skin tones, it is a great bronzer and contour shade, with a lot of product. In it's classic matte black compact it really is stunning, and having a mirror inside as well really give it more appeal. But, why do people always refer to it as a matte powder? Personally, I would class it as a semi-matte, this is because in the light it has this golden shimmer to it. The shimmer is very subtle on the skin, probably why so many consider it as a matte bronzer, but for my skin tone it is much more suited as a contour shade. For me I seem to always grab this must have for my contour shade as it blends out perfectly and looks really natural if done with a light hand. This product really is amazing and I would highly recommend you test it out when you see it. But it is on the more warmer side, so may not suit every skin tone/undertone. But, if you don't try you'll never know and that's exactly what happened to me.

So that has been my top 5 highend bronzer/contour powders. I didn't include any cream products as I hadn't at this stage actually tried any, though since making the list I have tried a few. I am not discounting any other bronzer/contour powders, these are just my preference, and what I have found works with my skin type.

What's your favorite bronzer/contour??

Stay Gorgeous

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