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Top 5 Highend Concealers

I am a lover of concealer, and with so many out there to choose from, it can be hard to really narrow it down to what my top 5 favorites are. When it comes to concealer, I need something that covers and conceals blemishes and blends really well into the skin. Though sometimes a good concealer helps add a highlight and glow to the skin. This however, can be a bad thing as putting a highlighting product on a blemish can make it stand out. So, with what makes a good highlighter down, let's get started.

This concealer has a lot of hype over it but what makes it so good. Well apart from the amazing shade range available and the beautiful packaging, it blends like a dream. Being creamy it applies really easily and doesn't take much to blend it into the skin. Not only is it amazing to blend but it covers up dark circles beautifully, those bags don't know what hit them. However, the reason it isn't in a higher position, even though it is truly amazing, is the radiance part of the concealer. This means that the concealer has highlighting properties. Not as blinding as highlighter, but I found that it did add a little glow to my skin, This is a real no no when it come to covering up blemishes. That tiny glow may work wonders under the eyes, but on a pimple it is disastrous. No one wants to make their pimps shin through, so for this reason it doesn't make a higher position. 

Yet another cult classic, and one I have been using for years. It is a super thick consistency perfect for covering all up any blemishes or discoloration. It is great at covering any fine lines under or around the eyes. With a wide range of shades and tones, it is no wonder why it is such a cult classic in the beauty community. But, the reason why it only made it to 4th place is the blending power. With such a thick high coverage product, I seem to have such an issue with blending it out. With brushes it seems to leave lines in the finished product and with a beauty blender I find that it can be picked up or made lighter in coverage. For all these reasons it has only managed to gain 4th place. 

Now this one is a relatively new one for me and it has managed to place pretty high on the score board. This is the only HD concealer I actually own, but it has really blown me away. It is medium/high cover and blends into the skin perfectly. Though I don't notice to much of the HD properties I still think it is an amazing concealer. It ticks all the boxes for me and is a great product, though I do find that with oil skin it does start to sweat off as the day goes on.  

This beauty isn't  as talked about as it should be, as it truly is amazing. Mainly used to define my brows I slowly started to use it as a fully fledged concealer, and I'm hooked. It is high coverage and super blendable, what's more being Mac it comes in many shades and tones. The reason I prefer this over the Prolongwear is the fact that it is a little more liquid. This means a little goes further and it blends to look like real skin. As an oil skinned person, I worry about how well it will last throughout the day. Well, I have no issues what so ever, it doesn't move and lasts all day. It truly is amazing.

My number one, a concealer I couldn't live without. A miracle to any skin type and shade. High coverage, blendable and just like skin. The consistency is much nicer than my number 2 spot and doesn't seem to feel cakey. In different shades you can create the perfect contour and highlighting that looks natural and flawless. I used this guy nearly every time I do my makeup it is such a staple and a must have. If you want to invest in a highend concealer I would highly recommend this one.

These have been my top 5 highend concealer. They are what I would class the best if the best, out of those that OK have used. I wouldn't say you need all or any of these, as I have found a few drugstore concealers that are even better. But if you are after an investment I would highly recommend the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer.

Stay Gorgeous 

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