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Makeup Geek || Review

Makeup Geek seems to be a growing cult favorite in the beauty community and at an affordable price it is no wonder why it is so. Firstly, where can you pick up Makeup Geek? In the UK you can order it online at Beauty Bay, a great website that you can pick up a few bits that are usually available in the US. Makeup Geek has been on my wish list for ages and for my first purchase I picked up 3 eye shadows. All 3 shadows are from the same collection, the Duo-chrome shadows. The reason these stood out more than the basic range was the unusual colors that the shadows were, not only that, at £5.50 its hard to say no. Being duo chrome they are shimmery and two toned, this means in different lights it looks a different color.

The 3 shades that I picked up were; Phantom, Blacklight and Havoc. Phantom is a very pale pinky white with purple shimmer running through it, Blacklight is a light lilac/purple shade with blue/purple shimmer and Havoc is a brown shade with slight green/gold shimmer running through it. Being just pan you do need to get a Z Palette or a Makeup Geek Palette, but its worth it to have a whole bunch of these amazing shadows.

The consistency of these shadows is very smooth and creamy, and apply to the lids like a dream. Being a shimmer shadow, I was expecting them to feel a little chalky, but they are smooth like butter. They are all very easy to blend and apply with great color pay off. My only  issue is that in artificial light the duo colors don't show fully.

Overall these shadows are a must have, from price to pigment, you need this in your collection. The only downside is that they are a little hard to get your hands on. But, once you have them you will want more and more, I know I have my list ready.

Stay Gorgeous 

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  1. The colours are gorgeous and so pigmented! -K

  2. ooooooooooh these are SO pretty! the swatches look lovely XXX