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LA Girl Flat Matte Gloss || Review

A while back in picked up the LA Girl Flat Matte glosses. Super affordable and come in a variety of shades, but what are they really like. With the ever moving trend of matte liquid lipsticks, affordable ones are going to be a huge hit.

I have 5 shades; Fantasy, Timeless, Rebel, Secret and Backstage. Fantasy is a bright coral shade very pigmented and very beautiful for spring and summer. Timeless is a mauve shade, very nice as an every day lip color. Rebel is my favorite, it is a deep nude red shade, verging on a dark red. It looks dramatic yet still perfect do day looks. Secret is a light blood red shade, very nice, though the color seems to be a bit patchy. The same can be said for Backstage. A very beautiful deep redish purple, but oh so very patchy. It seems the darker you go the more patches show up.

So the colors you may need to double coat, but what about wear?? Well they are very comfortable to wear on the lips, not drying and they become fully matte in about 30-60 seconds. Once on and dry they last all day, they don't budge at all, which is great as you won't need to top up through your busy day. The only concern I have is that like most matte liquid lipsticks, it seems to flack of just in the inner ring of the mouth, giving you two toned lips if you pout. This can be a little annoying as you do find it ends up in your mouth.

These are amazing liquid lipsticks and at a drugstore price you can't miss these up. They are however, not available on the UK highstreet, but never fear your good old pal Amazon has got you covered. They have quick delivery and in some cases you can get them on Amazon Prime. If you do treat yourself I would definitely recommend the lighter shades as one swipe and your done. The only downside is the removal process, I would definitely recommend getting yourself a waterproof makeup remover if you want to use any liquid lipstick.

Stay Gorgeous

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