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Proactiv+ Instant Fix || Week 1

It has been one week since I started using the new Proactiv+ Instant Fix Concealer, and so far I am liking it. Being in a small compact, I was a little unsure about how much I would need to use and how long it would last. But, I can positively say that a little does go a very very long way. I found that for the blemishes that I do have, I only needed two swipes into the product to cover them up.

So what is the product like?? Well, it is very creamy and high coverage, two of the things you want in a concealer. Being high coverage you can really cover up blemishes, some larger ones did peak through a little bit. Being creamy, it kept those drier blemishes moisturized and blended out perfectly. This was just what I was hoping for, as first impressions go it definitely blow my expectations away.

But does it work?? After one week I am not completely sure whether it does or it doesn't, but, for the first week I think it does. I woke up one day with a blemish near my nose and was going out for the day, this was a needed concealer moment. So, on the Instant Fix goes...and at the end of the day the blemish looked smaller and redness eliminated, so far so good.

During the week I did skip the Proactiv+ 3 Step System, though did was my face and I did see the same results. So don't worry if you miss a day or do have the 3 Step System it will still work and deliver results.

To join the skin revolution, you can pick up your Proactiv+ Instant Fit Concealer for £23.99 (+p&p) at www.proactiv.co.uk

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