My Summer of Fun

Monday, August 15, 2016

So at the beginning of summer I was approached by Ocean Loans to show case my summer in style. To show case my summer they sent me a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, for their Summer Polaroid Project.

Over the last 3 months I have had some incredible experience and have had the best summer ever. At the beginning of summer I went to IMATS, 3rd time this year, and had the best time ever and spent too much money. I got to meet loads of Youtubers and stock up on much needed products. Then on the 20th June I turned 24, feeling old now. To celebrate I had a cheeky Mojito at a restaurant with my mum and fiancee. The next day I traveled up to my Uncle and Aunt's for a few days, and while we were there we had to do our annual trip to Alton Towers. Like usual we managed to get on every ride and I loved it, though they are starting to become less fun. At the end of June I then received a ticket to enjoy the tennis at Wimbledon. Lucky really as we went on the hottest and driest day of the entire tournament and I managed to catch a ball haha. 

Then in July my fiancee took me to Europe's Strongest Man, which was great fun. Getting to see all those strongmen I have seen every Christmas on the TV. The day after, we took a trip to Chester Zoo. I have never been and may never go back, as it is a distance away, but it was truly amazing. There was so much to see and so many animals that I haven't seen before in zoos. With so much to see I just couldn't contain my excitement. It's safe to say that if I used just my Polaroid I would have had to change the cartridge 100 times.  For the rest of July I was mainly home with my nutty dog. But while looking after him I treated my fiancee to a day out at another zoo. This time, Wingham Wildlife Park. Originally a small bird sanctuary now a fully fledged zoo. Their new attraction will be the chimpanzees, when they arrive. Though there were so many animals to see I was surprised that I had never visited before.

Now August, it's safe to say that I am all explored out. With still one month left to go before I start my final year at uni, it has been a great adventure. What's more, without the generosity of Ocean Loans I would never have had the means to save a memory from all of my travels. You don't have to have a boring or dull summer vacation! If you need a little helping hand to make your adventures more magical you can rely on Ocean Loans.

Stay Gorgeous 

(Ocean Loans are a loan company part of Ocean Finance. Set up a loan plan that's right for you and your means. But understand that if you miss a payment they can chase you for the money and this can be worse for you. Please take loans seriously and with caution)

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