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Loreal Cushion Foundation and Bronzer || Review

Cushion foundations are definitely an new thing to the western beauty market, they seem so strange but so handy at the same time. A big hit in Asian community, just really what is a cushion foundation. Well, originally they were BB/CC creams, soaked into a sponge and applied to the face in a patting motion. Personally the Asian version is much better than the Western version, but we are getting there. But, rather than paying for a highend version, I thought it would be best to try it out in the drugstore version. As I have yet to try the highend versions, I thought i'd review the drugstore versions, on the bases of how they apply and wear throughout the day.

First up the Loreal Nude Magique Cushion. This is the only version available in the UK at the moment from Loreal, as I have seen that in the states there are a few other versions. I am a huge lover of the Nude Magique range, and had high hopes for this foundation. With its classic purple packaging I was excited to give it a go. Opening it up you are met with a nice sized mirror and an applicator, the applicator is very different, like a powder puff but thinner and more rubbery. Opening the air tight lid you are met with a very wet sponge full of product. Touching the sponge you pick up a lot of product, and it blends out really well without a strong scent.

Application time. Tapping the applicator into the product you can see it picks up a fair amount of product. To apply you use a rolling motion over the face. Well this is an incredibly strange action to do, so it struggled a lot, to the point I just tapped it over my face. The overall coverage was ok, not as high as I would like it, definitely a light to medium coverage. The finish was matte which I love, so you don't really need to powder only in the T zone if you get oily. To tap it over the face is pretty simple enough and pretty quick, though the rolling motion just didn't do it for me.

On the the Loreal Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil. Brown classic packaging, which is the same for the Bronze range. Just like the Nude Magique Cushion, it has a mirror, applicator and air tight lid. Again a sponge filled with product though this time a bronzer. The consistency is pretty much the same and dries pretty matte. The overall color is perfect for my pale skin tone, being a warmer reddish brown shade.

Application is a little more tricky as you need to shape the cushion to get the desired look. I folded mine in half around my finger and tapped where I wanted it. Then with a tiny bit of the applicator, blend the  product out further. This is a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it it's pretty quick. I would however, recommend that you pick up the tiniest amount at a time till you get the hang of it.

Overall these products are good and do have their positives. They do leave the skin looking matte and the coverage does last all day. Thought, as a foundation I found it just to lighter coverage and for hygiene reasons not the most practical. I say this because, I have tried several times to wash the applicators and they never seem to get clean. I know they must be but they just never look clean. Not only this there is a definite lack of shades. The bronzer comes in the one shade, universal, and the foundation only comes in 7 shades and not one is designed for darker skin tones. It is an expensive drugstore product, at £14.99,  which personally I will not be purchasing again.

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