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I Blog Because...

#IBlogBecause is an amazing campaign set up by John (@JohnRdtoVol on Twitter), an amazing guy that does a lot of volunteer charity work. He is the brains behind this fantastic campaign designed to shed some light on the Blogger community and what it's like to be a Blogger. The whole idea is to show the positive side to blogging and bring the community together, helping each other out with our journey.
I Blog Because....

It makes me feel wanted, like I am making a difference in the world. It may be a small difference but I'm making it. 

It makes me feel free, being able to create content that I love and that informs anyone who stumbles over.

It makes me calm, being such a stress head it's a great way to release and become more ME, crazy but relaxed.

It has made me more confident, something I never thought I would be. Breaking barriers and walls to free myself just that little bit more.

It gives me opportunities I never thought I would have. Being able to work with many different brands and giving me that little bit of satisfaction that someone is reading and noticing me.

It makes me feel like I belong. Getting to hear about other peoples loves and discovering more of the world and not being judged.

I get to make new friends. I may not see them or live in the same country, but being able to talk in a community like this is amazing. Every day I discover someone new and reach out.

This journey of a blogger is something all us bloggers go through. No matter how long we have been doing it or how big our audience is, we all start at the same place. Blogging gives us that chance to be free and ourselves, for some, this can be the only way we can be free to say what we want and be ourselves. On our journeys, we develop more and more as a person and touch more and more lives. We each have our own personalities and likes, our blogs are all different, but that one person we reach means everything to us.

So reach out, grab a hand and join in with this blogger experience. You never know who you might find.

Why do you blog?? 

Stay Gorgeous

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