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My Skin || Pre Proactiv+

At the end of last year, Proactiv+ sent me their 3 step kit to try. And over the course of 3 months my skin and confidence really improved. So, when they asked me to trial their new Instant Fix Concealer, I couldn't say no. It has been a while since I showed you guys the current state of my skin. But, unlike the first time I did a post like this, my confidence is a lot better.

I'm not going to lie, my skin has its ups and downs, and with the summer months some downs do come more often. As you can see from the photos, I do have a few blemishes dotted here and there. My skin is so much easier to control now, and when I have a rough skin day I crack out the Proactiv+ 3 step system.

But, let's face it when we have blemishes and have to go out we like to cover them up. This can then cause things to get worse. Covering it over with more products, not designed for blemishes, clogs the blemish rather than improving it, making  it worse before it gets better. That's where Proactiv+ comes in. Their new Instant Fix Concealer palette is designed to help clear blemishes while hiding imperfections and contains Salicylic Acid, which really helps to improve the look of blemishes and the condition to the skin, as well as also containing soothing and moisturizing ingredients. But, don't worry it is also fragrance-free and has been dermatologist tested, perfect for all skin types. The palette contains 4 different skin tones, great for a variety of users and contains a mirror great for on the go cover up. The palette also comes with a small bush, perfect for direct application but will need to be cleaned between uses to reduce bacteria. This is really easy to do, with a bar of soap, fairy liquid, baby shampoo or even alcohol gel (make sure it's dry before use).

Proactiv+ have over 20 million customers worldwide and pride themselves as being one of the world's best spot treatment brand. Their products are super effective for those with spot prone skin as well as those who suffer from occasional blemishes, and best of all it won't clog up your pores. Take it from some one who has suffered with acne for all my teenage life and my early adult life, this stuff really works and it has been life changing. 

I will be updating you every week for the next month on how well this product works and how much it improves my skin.

To join the skin revolution, you can pick up your Proactiv+ Instant Fit Concealer for £23.99 (+p&p) at www.proactiv.co.uk

Stay Gorgeous

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