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Zoeva Brushes || Review

I have wanted some Zoeva brushes for so long now, I can actually remember wanting them near the beginning of my Blogging days. They are iconic, beautiful and great quality at a reasonable price. But, back then getting these babies were hard to get, only avalible online or as a set at IMATS and a set can be pricey. But, having a look around London I decided to pop into Selfriges, as I do every time I'm in London, and there it was in all its glory. A brand new, fully stocked Zoeva stand, with testers and makeup all to draw you in. Well after a lengthy process (I wanted them all) I decided on 3 very beautiful and very handy brushes.

This one was one that I have wanted for a while. Great for foundation application and buffing, great for liquid and cream foundations. It is basically a rounded kabuki brush, which have become my new favorite thing. It is soft on the skin and the round bristles are great for getting into all the curves of the face. What's more I haven't found a brush like this in a long time and I think that is the reason I wanted it so much. Unfortunately, the single brushes only come in one color, black, but if you get the sets you can get any color you want. But, as the color doesn't affect its job I can live this the black one and it's wonders.

This is exactly the same as the 102 brush, but on a smaller scale. This is a multipurpose brush, meaning it can be used for nearly everything to do with the face. I'm presuming because of the name it's main use is for contour and highlighting. But, what I prefer to do with it is blend out my concealer. It is the perfect shape and size for under the eyes, and those hard to reach areas such as around the nose. I don't really remember now how I used to blend out my concealer. I just cannot live without this brush in my life.

This is an proper brow brush, something I don't actually own. I have heard so many great things about this brush that I had to get it. And with doing my brows every time I do my makeup, I thought it would be a good investment. The bristles are short and angled creating a more steady and sturdy line for the brow. The only issue I have with it, is that the length of the bristles side by side is a little on the long side as I can't really make hair strokes without them looking too long.

Overall these brushes are amazing and compared to other drugstore brushes they are reasonably priced. If you are around London or want some new brushes to try, I would definitely recommend these guys.

Stay Gorgeous 

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