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WOW Peel Off Lip Color || Review

This has spread over the internet like wild fire, so many videos on how to use this product. Now, it's my turn. Firstly, what is this product?? Well it is a lip stain, designed to come out of the tube very pigmented and very very thick. You apply it to your lips, let it dry and then peel it off. Ping! Instant lips stain...well if you believe that.

The Wow Peel Off Lip Color, is usually just available online, though I found them in Top Shop Beauty Mart for £8.50. Compared to online this is fairly pricey, though the reason I had avoided getting it online was because I didn't think it was actually real. There is so much fake makeup online that I didn't trust it, but once in store I thought that it must be the real deal.

At first glance it looks like a normal lip gloss. In its plain tube with pink writing and pictures of fruit, it doesn't seem that special. What's more, no where on the packaging does it say, what it is or how to use it. This was my first oh god moment, with no instructions of how to use it and the packaging making out that it was just a normal gloss, I didn't know how this was going to go. Unscrewing the lid, you are met with a generic lip gloss applicator, though the product was slightly oozing out at this stage, this is going to be messy. 

Squeezing the product up, it started to make a full appearance, though tough to squeeze up it almost looked runny. Application is easier said than done. I have seen many people apply this in different ways, with brushes, cotton buds and just straight on with the tube. So rather than risk my brushes, I went for the straight from the tube option, not the best choice. The product clumped on the lips and pulled them as I was trying to sweep it across my lips. Finally, after about 2 minutes my lips and parts of my face were covered in this goo. This is where things get tricky. You cannot close your mouth as the lips will stick together, some of the product gets on your teeth, it starts to tingly like a lip plumper and it takes about 10 minutes to dry. That 10 minutes was the longest and hardest I have ever had. You cannot swallow and your lips just get drier under the goo.

10 minutes later...peel time. One of the most satisfying things to do is peel it off. It comes off in one strip and your lips finally feel free. Both bits off lets see how it looks...well that was a fail. With the thick layer of goo, only very slight color can be seen on the lips. So, 10 minutes of agony and lips as dry as the Sahara desert you are left with a tiny wash of color. Well that was the first shade, Peach, lets try the darker shade, Watermelon. This shade must give some color pay off its bright red. 

Again, goo on and 10 minutes later... nope, nothing. Just a wash of red, though at this stage I have no idea if this red is my poor lips or the actually color pay off. Don't get me wrong this color lasts all day, but there isn't much color there in the first place. 

20 minutes on I have very dry lips, not really any color and two very disappointing products that I probably wont use again. Overall, no I wouldn't recommend this product, unless your lips were pale and probably white then yeah a great product for you. But, for those with any color on their lips it really isn't for you. I had to use a very thick hydrating lip balm after this and I am not prone to dry lips, its just a pointless product. At application stage, if you get any remotely on your skin, then that seems to show up a little more than on your lips, I mean whats up with that. I haven't been disappointed in a product in a couple of years until now, take it from me don't waste your money on this.

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