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Makeup Forever Makeup || Review

Back in the day Makeup Forever was only ever available in the US or at IMATS. But for the past couple of years they have become accessible in the UK and are situated at Debenhams. A while ago now, I picked up a few products from them to trial, as I had heard great things about them. While at the check out, I was also given two free samples, which in my standards are fairly large samples, but great none the less. So, with out further ado lets get started.

This is literally become my new favorite foundation, it glides on the skin so well and blends out perfectly covering all discoloration and blemishes. To use this product is really simple, you twit up the product and glide it onto the T zone of your face and blend out. This provides you with the perfect flawless base, but, don't worry if you have trouble with blemishes, this baby covers them up as well. You can either apply more to the area or to your brush, the only thing to remember is to clean it with alcohol spray after each use. This is where it can become a bit of a hassle as not everyone has the time to do that or the resources, but I would highly recommend it to keep your product bacteria free. The product comes in a sleek black tube, classic for all Makeup Forever products, and the quality of the actual product is amazing.

I really do love the product, the coverage, the finish it is everything you could ask from a foundation and more. The only thing I will say is that the product does have this strange smell to if before it is blended out, so don't smell it for too long. Also, which is more of an issue for us oily skins, it doesn't stay matte all day, so you will need to powder. I would also recommend that you wear a primer under the foundation as the oils can start to make the foundation slip on the skin, and no one wants that.

Another cult classic, one that I have heard about countless amounts of times. It is supposed to be come of these concealers that can do a lot, but generally you need to get a few shades. I chose the lightest shade, which for covering blemishes is probably not the best as it makes them appear lighter and really draws attention to them. But as an under eye concealer it really brightens the area, without it looking to white or washed out. This is great for us pale people but, for those concealing times you will need a concealer matching the skin tone, and this doesn't really brighten the under eye, so its whether you want to conceal or brighten when you get this concealer.

Though overall it is a great concealer. It is creamy and bendable and really bends into the skin leaving no obvious marks. The packaging is very sleek and professional, though the round nub is confusing. Why? well its because it looks like it will help apply the concealer but it really doesn't, unless you want to dot it all under the eye it is kind of a useless nub. But, apart from that it is still a great concealer.

This product I have wanted for such a long time, I'm surprised I didn't pick it up sooner. After seeing this product on Youtube, being used by people who have a similar skin type to me, it seemed to be all that they raved about. After trying it I know why. This product comes in a stylish grey tube, usually in a long tube, but as mine is a mini version it is in a smaller wider tube. Trust me a little goes a long way with this product. Perfect for anyone who suffers with an oily T zone, apply small blobs onto the areas and blend out. The product then becomes a little sticky and then dries, this is what makes it great for oily skin, as it drys it drys out that area and reduces oily that comes to the skin surface, like a barrier. Obviously eventually the oils will come out, especially if you are very oily skinned like me, but it lasts a long time. 

I cannot live without this product and it is definitely a must have for special occasions to keep your makeup looking flawless. The only down side is you cannot lay more of the product on top of itself as it starts to ball up and roll around the face. 

These were my free gifts, though you can buy these in full size. In my opinion these are some of the best highend eye liners on the market. They are waterproof and last all day on the eyes and don't transfer. Being a simple kohl liner there isn't really anything special about it just by looking at it, but trust me it is full of surprises. For someone who suffers with hay fever, I know the pain of watery eyes and eye liner. Too many times I have fallen pray to the runny smudged liner, sometimes it can't be avoided, but when you have a product that survives through that you know those days are over. I use the black liner a lot and it lasts all day until I remove my makeup, it is great no transfer to my water liner and no smudging or running. Believe it or not it can even survive water while swimming, so if you like to wear makeup to the pool or beach you won't have to worry about this guy running.

What's more is that it glides on smoothly to the eyes in almost a moist way. It really is a great product, and without these samples I would have never known how much this means in my life. I don't think I could live without this product if I ran out.

Overall I love Makeup Forever as a brand, they are very professional and great quality. I am so glad they are now available in the UK, and for a comparison they are on par with MAC.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. Very jealous of this little haul! I always go in-store at Debenhams and swatch the lip liners and try to convince myself to buy one of the primers but the sales assistants there are absolutely useless and never try and help me or even offer to - so I've never felt comfortable buying something that I'm unsure of. The concealer sounds interesting, though, so I'll have a gander at that next time I'm in town!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x