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IMATS 2016

Another year has come around and it was that time to head to IMATS for another shopping spree, of discounted beauty. This year it was at the beginning of June and, I had been waiting all year for it to come around. I had written lists several times before the big day, but on the day I could not find a single one, so I had to rely on my memory. Compared to last time, I had to attend later on during the day, which I am definitely not a fan of. It was incredibly busy and there were so many people wondering around that I felt a bit overwhelmed, and with no list I started to forget things I wanted to pick up. But never the less I did leave with a lot of the things I wanted in the first place.

Like always (well since I have been going), IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) is set up at the Kensington Olympia, and for me I have to catch two trains to get there. This year due to a silly exam being put on for the morning of IMATS, I didn't arrive till 12.30/1pm. This meant that the show was rammed and there were a lot of ques. Heading in, we got our wrists stamped and grabbed a bag to put all my purchases in. As I usually go for the SFX makeup, I headed across to these general direction. Reaching Guru Makeup, I decided to have a look at their SFX makeup and found the two main things that were on my mental list, the Skin Illustrator Zombie and Mini On Set Palette. I wanted these guys the last time I went to IMATS, but didn't end up getting them. But, as they were 20% off I grabbed them along with some Activator as well. First and very expensive purchases done, and looking back now these were the most expensive things I bought throughout the entire day.

On to the next stand, and this just so happened to be the Graphtobia stand, where I wanted to pick up the Magic Blood Powder. After hunting it down it was a decision whether to get the small of large pot, well as there was only £4 difference and the size was a hell of a lot different I decided to pick up the large one. Still marching on I headed to Bdellium Tools, mainly after the SFX brushes I headed to the far side. This was one of those moments where you want them all but keep putting things back. In the end I settled for the one brush, the Muscle Brush. This brush is designed to create muscle fibers on the skin, which out of all the brushes available, is something that I don't own at all.

After that, we decided to have a wonder around looking at a few of the other SFX stands. A lot of them had things that I would have loved to get, but when you have a real think about it most of it I could have lived without. But, one thing I was on the hunt for was clay. I have never used clay for prosthetic molding before so I didn't really know what I really wanted. After wondering around, and finding loads of 5kg tubs, I found this mini selection pack. This mini pack had the soft, medium and hard Monster Clay in it, which I thought would be a great trial pack to see what type of clay I actually really want. It's one of those things really, you need to see which one you prefer and what you can get along with, as well as what meets all your needs. So with not really much knowing I decided that this would be the right option. This mini pack I could only find at the Neill's Materials, I would recommend these guy so much, they were super friendly and I have bought stuff from the website a few times as well.

After this, we decided to grab a drink, as because it was so busy it was super hot. Heading towards the large stage we pasted a few ques for stands I wanted to visit and saw some amazing demos going on. Grabbing a drink, we had an opportunity to just relax and take a breather. This gave me a chance to think about the other things I wanted to get, it also gave me a chance to prepare for the long que I was about to join. Compared to the other years, Beauty B Cosmetics had always been one of those stands you could just go right in a grab what you wanted. But, this year they decided to do a que system. This meant that you had to go single file down the stand, and wait in a que. This did get a little boring as, I only wanted to pick up a few things. Finally after 30 minutes I was in front of the stand and picking things up as I went. The first a Milani blush in the shade Luminoso, continuing down the line, I picked up two boxes of the shadow shields, a Lit Cosmetics glitter in Dragon Blood and a LA Girl concealer. Not much when you consider how long I had been in the que for.

After that, I didn't really know where else to go, everywhere was crowded and I was starting to get tired. Wondering around I stumbled upon the Velour Lashes stand. I have always wanted some of their lashes, but as I don't really wear full strips too often I didn't want my purchase to be a waste of money. Looking at their little selection board, I found them, these beautiful soft corner set called Extra Oomph. These were perfect, just the right size to wear without cutting them down and they are the style I much prefer wearing.

Off I went for another wonder, I headed back towards the SFX stands, where I decided to look at Bloody Marvelous. These guys are perfect for meeting all you blood needs, but what got me interested was the pus filler. I have wanted pus gel since Christmas, and finding it here I could resist. Picking up a mini Dark Venous runny Blood and a pot of Pus Gel I went to purchase it, when the wonderful girl at the stand asked me if I wanted a demo on who this stuff actually worked. Showing me how to use it and showing me how to get realistic popping pustules, I ended up getting a plaster/barrier spray as well. At this point I considered that I was probably done for the day, so I headed up to the Makeup Museum.

This isn't what your first thoughts of a Makeup Museum are, it is a place where makeup artists (all areas of professional artists in the movie makeup industry) show case some of their work. This year there were prosthetic pieces from The Revenant, Fury and even a few old props and makeup from older films, just to name a few things. I love looking at the makeup museum as it really inspires you and really makes you appreciate the art of makeup. Wondering around the top to the Olympia, we witnessed the first winner of Battle of the Brushes, very well deserved and great competition, all the looks from that days competition were amazing.

Deciding that I will probably head home, I decided to stop at Screen Face, here I just picked up a couple of different sponges, as I was running out of stipple sponges in my kit. As they were only £2 I decided to grab on and a little rubber one. My shopping spree still hadn't finished, I headed to Guru Makeup one last time to grab the RCMA No Color Powder and the Ben Nye Banana Powder. Both powders I have wanted for a while and both I have heard great things about. At this point I decided that I had finished what I came to do and headed back home.

The day was amazing and I did get a lot of stuff, it was crazy and busy when I got there but still a great experience all round. Not only did I get a lot of things that I wanted at a discount, but I also got to meet a bunch of Youtubers and makeup fans. If you love makeup and SFX them I would definitely recommend visiting IMATS, the experience is amazing and that's why I keep going back again and again.

Till next year IMATS

Stay Gorgeous

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