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Top 5 Highend Primers

Top 5 series is starting again this time on my blog and including highend. Last year I did a Top 5 series on Youtube and it was all about the drugstore, mainly as I didn't really have anything to complete my Top 5 in highend. But, now that's all changed. These top 5 posts will be the top 5 highend and drugstore products that I personally think are the best of the best. Not all of you will agree with me but it might give you an idea of foundations to try especially when they are highend. Today's post is all about that base, mainly primers. Ranked from 5 to 1 I will be counting down to my top favorite primer that I love that really works with my skin type (oily/very oily).

This is starting at the bottom unfortunately. For highend primers I don't own that many as when I find one I love I usually just stick to that one. I am a huge fan of MAC products, but for me this primer didn't deliver and didn't give me the finish I am personally after. It is very hydrating and smooth on the skin, though if you have problem pores then this stuff is not going to fill them in or blur them out. But, one thing that does really annoy me about this product is the fact that it is shimmery. Now, I love shimmer and highlights, but in a primer not so much. Out of the light it just looks like normal skin but the moment the light catches it, the product just sparkles like glitter. It is just not really what I'm looking for and for blemishes it really makes them shine definitely a no no for me.

4. Makeup Forever HD Primer (Discontinued)
Now I do actually like this primer, it is smooth on the skin a slightly hydrating. It does feel a little tacky after a while but then drys matte. The pores I can still see but it does slightly blur them out, which is great if you only have light pores. As for its HD qualities, I don't fully see it, I think that is because it gets covered with foundation. I have used it with the HD foundation but I don't really notice any difference between HD primer or non HD primer under the HD foundation. It is a really nice product, but for me it doesn't fully give me exactly what I am looking for.

This stuff used to be my holy grail, and I think last year it did actual make the cut in my holy grail makeup video. But, times have changed and it is now in 3rd place, not because it is crap but because a few others just out preform it. Firstly, it does exactly what I want from a primer, it blurs and fills in pores and leaves the skin looking matte and smooth. It is a nude skin color which is great to add a little coverage onto the face especially if you are going for a non-makeup makeup look. Obviously for darker skin tones this may lighten your skin color slightly due to the nude skin color. The only thing that can some times be a little annoying is the texture, especially in the summer months. As the consistency is very siliconey, not that this is an issue. But when it gets hotter, us oily skinned girls suffer, and having more slimy products on top of an already slightly oily face can make you feel cakey and gross.  But, it still is a really good product.

Runner up, but in all fairness still one of my all time favorite primers. This guy out beat the Porefessional last year and it is still going strong. This guy is literally everything I could ever want in a primer. It fills in deep pores and really delivers that smooth flawless base, and being slightly thicker it doesn't just fill in the deep pores but also blur them. Being thicker can be an issue for some people, but I personally don't really notice much of a difference, apart from it does dry the face ever so slightly. It does leave the skin looking matte and it does have a slight silicone feel to it, though it is much less than the Porefessional. For an overall fabulous primer this one is the one to beat, though it has come second place to a product that I don't actually use all over my face.

So my top primer in at number 1 isn't for my entire face, how come?? Well this is the only primer I have found to last all day on that T-zone area. It is super drying so it really isn't for you dry skinned beauties, but for use oily skinned warriors we need a product like this. I use mine on my T-zone cheeks and chin, as that is where I usually get very oily very quickly. You do need to use tiny bits at a time as it is so drying on the skin, once it's on it's on. But, that is kind of why I love it so much, it really lasts all day and the only thing that would make it even better is if it filled in my pores even more. But, it does help the look of pores, as it is so drying it tightens them up and as they don't get oily they stay pretty small.

So there you have it, my top 5 highend primers. So, if you are dried skinned and want a hydrating primer or are oily skinned and want a drying primer, there are plenty of options on the market. These are just want I consider my top 5 out of all the primers I have tried in my life. 

What is your favorite highend primer??

Stay Gorgeous

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