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Tom Ford Lipstick || Review

Tom Ford a highend brand with highend prices, definitely a highend brand of highend (how many time could I say highend in a single sentence). I have seen the adverts and stands of Tom Ford, but never thought that I would one day have some if their lipsticks. They are very luxurious indeed and as I found out can be very tempting. 

A few months ago now I picked up two of their notorious lipsticks, one small and one big. They both had fun names and both were presented in their beautiful Tom Ford packaging. You know the one I mean, sleek maroon black with gold outline, very sleek. they are very weighty compared to other highend lipsticks, which makes them feel and look worth the prices. When you twist the product up you can see the beautiful TF stamp in the product, giving it that added spark.

Ok so the small lipstick is a Lips and Boys Lip Color in the shade Cary (47), and is only one gram less than the full sized lipstick. They are still pricey at £27, which is more than MAC and a little more than Charlotte Tilbury, especially for less product. Cary is a moist semi gloss lipstick in a dark redish nude shade. Perfect for everyday use and adding that touch of class to a basic look, it is truly beautiful. The larger lipstick is a Lip Color Matte in the shade Pussycat (04), and is a full sized Tom Ford lipstick with 3g of product. Being larger it is even more pricey at £38, much more than any other lipstick I own. Pussycat is very similar is shade as Cary, just a tad darker, though it is very much matte in consistency. Unlike some matte lipsticks I own this one is not drying at all and feels very nice on the lips. The one think I did find with both these lipsticks that not all lipsticks do, is they last hours. This is strange for a glossy lipstick to last hours, but I leaves a beautiful wash of color as a stain on the lips, meaning you can eat and drink to your hearts content without needing to majorly reapply.

Overall these lipsticks are truly beautiful, and I think the little ones are worth the price. I do feel a tiny bit ripped off by the full size as there isn't much change in amount and everything seem exactly the same just slightly bigger and £9 more. Though they are amazing products, and I think you definitely need to have one in your life. 

Have you tried any Tom Ford products??

Stay Gorgeous

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