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The Good Ship Benefit

Back at the end of April I decided to meet up with my mum, and go to the new Benefit event, Good Ship Benefit, while we were in London. I love going to the Benefit events and really loved last years Curls Best Friend, so I couldn't wait to see what this event would be like. Before you head down there, it is best to book a table on line as this way you can garentee a table. But, don't worry if you don't you can still pop in for a sarnie downstairs, as well as a bit of makeup. The Boat is right opposite the London Eye, so you do get a great view and if you book for an evening meal you get to see it all lit up as well. For us though, we decided we would book a lunch. As I was booking in advance you get the chance to book special offers, so we had a 2 course meal with free flow prosecco.

Getting there slightly early, we were told to sit out on the Hoola Deck while we waited. The Hoola Deck is very nice and would have been even nicer if the weather was better, as it did start to rain while we were out there. But, never the less it was really nice, the floor was covered in the pink plastic grass and the table and chairs were super big and super comfy. When our time came, we headed in to the Lashitude Restaurant (on the upper deck). Inside was decked out in black and orange, just like the theme of Benefit's They're Real Mascara. When you are seated someone takes your coat and hangs it up and then asks what you are booked in for, ie/ free flow prosecco. With that the alcohol starts flowing, and the food hunt begins. The menu is small, but there are options for all, I chose the four cheese pasta. It came out looking beautiful and tasted amazing, so hats off to the chef. first course done on o desert, which was literally heaven. We had a the California Cheesecake, which had a Jack Daniel's reduction, It was literal heaven. The price was pretty reasonable, at £30 each and you got a free sample of the They're Real Mascara, as well as a little stamp book that you collect stamps to get free things every time you go. So after devouring two courses and probably a bottle or two of presecco between us, it was time to explore the rest of the boat.

Heading down to the lower deck, we headed inside. Here is where the Brow Lounge, the Pink Parlor and Benefit Shop is. The Brow Lounge books up so quickly though that I couldn't find a table to book, but you can have a look inside. Inside is pink with the cutest bunny chairs ever, and this is a great place to enjoy afternoon tea. The Pink Parlor is where you can come from off the street and enjoy and sarnie or drink, and still can enjoy the same atmosphere. The Benefit shop is self explanatory really, you can pick up all your favorite Benefit products. Also, if you have plenty of time after your meal you can have a complementary makeover (I believe it is only complementary if you book a table). Having a quick little tour around we were then taken down stairs to the Porefessional Vault. This is a night time bar which holds 40 people. It looks almost space-age and is done in the colors of Porefessional, there are even egg seats which look amazing in the room. Again with this room you need to book to get in as it is limited space.

Overall this event is amazing and it is around till the end of August. I recommend booking before hand and having a peek at everything. And seen as you get stamps for every time you go, why not go a few times with your friends and family it is a great place to visit if your out and about in London. 

Stay Gorgeous

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