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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup || Review

I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury, I love everything about this brand. The products the colors the quality, amazing and a must have for any makeup addicts collection. I have done a few posts on Charlotte Tilbury products, so what am I going to talk about this time...well only two products but they are both super beautiful.

Yep another lipstick, but is it any wonder when the packaging is literally eye porn and the product is luxury. As with all Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, it is in its classic rose gold tube. Beautiful, and looks amazing on a vanity. Twisting it up the shape of the bullet has a different tip. Compared to the Matte Revolutions range, the tip is more pointed like any classic lipstick. The color is beautiful and great for spring/summer. Being a subtle coral shade it looks super flattering on pale skin, and I have seen it used on darker skin and looks just as beautiful. The product has that vanilla scent, usually found in MAC and other highend lipsticks.

This range of lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury, are much more moisturizing and has more of a glossy finish to it. This lipstick is truly beautiful and I am glad to have it in my collection. All Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are amazing and they have a range of colors that will suit everyone from glossy to matte.

My first Charlotte Tilbury lip liner, and I got the one that everyone raves about. Now I'm not gonna lie the packaging and the way this pencil looks is amazing. But, I feel the color is to samey samey to all the other cult classic lip liners. The product does glide on smoothly and really lines the lips well and is a beautiful pinkish nude to fill the lips in. But, I do feel I have a couple of liners that are just as good. I don't regret picking it up though I don't think I will be picking up any more.

If you are after a beautiful nude highend lip liner that is creamy enough to go over the lips smoothly and dry enough to stay in place then this is the lip liner to go for. But, if you already have MAC Spice or Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink then I don't think you need this one.

So these are my very few Charlotte Tilbury bits that I picked up. They are seriously beautiful and look amazing on. Charlotte Tilbury as a brand is amazing but their lipsticks and eye shadows are literally on point and once you try one there is not turning back.

Stay Gorgeous 

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