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Real Techniques BM Brushes || Review

This post is long overdue, as back in February I received the two brand new Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes. I have the full collection  (minus the Christmas special) and I couldn't resist to make my collection complete again. Currently these brushes are only available online at the official Real Techniques website, so they did have to be shipped to the UK from the States. But, it was worth it and in fairness the shipping took about 2 weeks in total which is pretty good for overseas shopping.

This is exactly the same concept as the 101 Triangle Foundation brush. The shape is the same and the bristle feel is the same, which is probably why I am still not a huge fan of it. Don't get me wrong the concealer brush is perfect for getting that fine fleeky edge to your brows, but I just can't  blend with it. I find the bristles to stiff to move and it seems to wipe makeup away instead of blend or place it.

Even though I struggle with this brush, it is prefect for exact positioning of concealer on them pesky blemishes and hard to reach areas.

This is my favorite brush out if the entire collection. It is great for blending out shadow, defining the crease and packing on the color, it is so versatile and perfect. Compared to the other shadow brushes in the range it is much more softer and movable. Making the blending that much more easier. I cannot stop using this brush that I have to spot clean it several times a week because I love it that much.

I recommend this brush over all the other eye brushes in the range as I haven't found one similar for that price and that professional feeling.

I know when these brushes hit the UK shelves they will be snapped up. So, why wait when you can get one in your hands now. You won't regret it.

Stay Gorgeous 

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