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Kate Spade || Review

Kate Spade has been a name I have heard over Youtube for a few years now, and it has always been followed by in New York. So, wanting Kate Spade has always been a pipe dream. Until I saw a fellow bbloggers Instagram pages and found that you can order it online. So, for Christmas my brother and aunt gave me some money and I took the opportunity and sale as a chance to get Kate Spade. In the sale I managed to bag a purse and card holder, and they arrived in the most beautiful boxes.

Cedar Street Purse (£90)
I wanted a small purse to go with a small bag, but I ended up going for a larger one, though it is different to any I own already. I wanted one with a window in it, to put my student rail card so I don't have to take it out every time I travel. The purse is originally £90, though in the sale the cyblue color was only £40. That is why I couldn't resist and it is the most beautiful powder blue color. On the front it has the classic Kate Spade New York Stamp and gold spade. The back of the purse has a gold zip for those coins, and the inside has a pok-a-dot print. To open and close, the purse has a little popper tab, which is so brilliant, I love it. Opening it up, there are 12 card slots and 1 window slot, also 4 long slots for those notes. Finally at the bottom left corner, the golden Kate Spade stamp is present and beautiful. This purse is to die for and is the perfect color for spring and summer, I just need to start using it.

Cedar Street Card Holder (£60)
When I was looking for a small purse, I found it hard to find a small one with enough card slots. So, the next best thing was a beautiful card holder. But, then I realized I had enough in my new purse, but it is still super cool and I will use it for all my important to hand. The card holder is originally £60 but in the sale and the color fresh air I got it for a steal at £35. The color is a little darker than the purse, which is a little annoying but still beautiful all the same. on the from it is in the style of a letter and has the beautiful classic Kate Spade stamp and the gold spade. It opens and closes with a gold popper and has ample space for a lot of cards, great for those points cards. Inside has the classic pok-a-dot print and again the classic Kate Spade stamp. Again great color for spring summer time, the only down side is it is a little stiff opening it fully, but being leather it will have to be stretched over time. 

It is safe to say this will not be my last purchase of Kate Spade, who knows it could be a bag next??..But the quality and overall appearance is just amazing and I would highly recommend Kate Spade as a brand, especially if you want to dive into the designer pond.

Stay Gorgeous

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