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How to Make Time for Everything

A strange thing for me to be writing when I seem to be so behind on my blogging and Youtube. But, the reason I'm writing this is because I have finally found my ground again. With life, you go through so many things that sometimes it can be hard to stay afloat. For me, I have been swamped with filming, blogging and uni work, with no time left for me. When the world become to much it is so easy for it to just drown you and make you give up. After trying to swim back to the surface, I have finally found my happy and I love it.

So what do you need to do to get yourself back in the game??...Well a huge one is to sit back and decided what you love and what is important in your life. It could be family, study, work or even something like travel. For me my highest importance is my study, and I have to put the majority of my effort into it. Once you know where most of your energy has to go, start getting to work. I know this part can start a little boring and tedious, but trust me when you feel like you have finally got a grip of it, you will feel a lot more relaxed.

Now it's time to decided what you want to do for fun. This can be blogging, filming, sports or really what ever you find relaxing. For me it would have to be my blogging and Youtube. This step can be a little slower than the first, as you need to build up to it. For me I found starting to write at least one post a week was enough for my time. But, once you have an idea of your time you can up the effort you put in.

But, it's alright me telling you to put more effort in one thing and chill with something you love. It's understanding your time frame. Schedules sound silly but I highly recommend you do one. I would try not to do a list to follow, as I used to do that. I found that I would feel worse when I hadn't completed the list, than following a schedule. The idea of the schedule is to plan your time out, this is a great idea when revising for exams as well. Set your self a time that you would start your important task, but set an end time. This end time DOES NOT mean it has to be completed by then. It means that you can stop, rest and relax. I had always started a task and wouldn't stop till it was done, and then you have wasted your day in some cases and not stopped. Giving yourself an end time leaves you free to do the stuff you want to and that make you happy.

But you can't just have a week filled with work and another type of work. You need to have you time. A time that you do nothing, catch up on your favorite TV shows, see a film, meet friends and even go shopping. This time is important it helps your brain calm down, and gives your body that chance to relax and go into auto pilot. If you have ever played Sims than you know that, you can't just get them to work and learn skills, you have to give them fun. It is the same for us, with out fun we would just start to crash and burn.

This has been the best way I have found to keep on top of all my tasks. I know not everyone will like or have different ideas of how to manage their time. But this is what I found that works and has really helped me out, and you might find this helps to.

Stay Gorgeous 

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