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April favorites

It's the end of the month and you all know what that means...April Favorites. This month I know I have been fairly distant and I am super sorry about that, I have been doing so much work for uni it is in sane...I literally have work in every week so I can't stop. But, just because I have been majorly busy doesn't mean I haven't been in love with a load of stuff. So with out further ado, let's get to it.

First up hair. If you didn't know already I have had my hair cut into a Lob (long bob) and to go with my new style I decided on a new color. But with years of hair dye and an addition of more, it really does take its toll on your hair. That is the main reason I got it cut shorter in the first place. But, I don't want to stop dying my hair so I came up with a plan to save my hair, Olaplex. Now, you may have heard about this stuff a lot more recently than back in the day. That I think is all to do with social media, hair colorists are all over Youtube now. They do loads of different colors and bleaching, but always seem to rave about Olaplex. Now, to by all three steps is incredible expensive, about £200 on Amazon. But, that is clearly not realistic for the everyday person. But, there is a super cool solution, Olaplex No. 3.  This you can by singularly or as a pair on Amazon. I bought a pair as it worked out a little cheaper than being two on separate occasions. They are 100ml bottles, which doesn't seem like a lot, but you really only need a  small amount to work through the he hair. Obviously with longer hair you will need to use a bit more but focus more on the ends of the hair than all over. I think it works amazingly, it is really making my hair feel silky, strong and healthy everything I use it.

On to the makeup and I have been loving a lot of older favorites, ones I haven't grabbed in such a long time. First up prep spray, and my favorite is the Urban Decay B6 Spray. I love it, it is perfect for adding that bit of moisture back into the skin and really absorbs excess oil, perfect for oily skinned beauty lovers. I love it so much have always have to buy a new one when I run out, it is my holy grail of prep spray. Next, the brows, and I have been grabbing my NYX Brow Gel every time I want a defined brow. I just think it really makes my brows look on point and really tames those little wild hairs that don't behave with a pencil. It can look a little cakey so I have to be sparingly with the product, but I really do love the end result. To frame those brows and cover up and stray hairs that haven't been plucked, I always pick up the MAC Select Cover Up Concealer. It is a thick liquid concealer, very pigmented and full coverage. But, what I love about this product is that it glides on smooth, so you can shape and blend out slightly. But, it then starts to dry which makes it perfect to blend into the skin. Being a bit drier means that I don't have to worry about movement of the placement of the product and my brows are perfectly framed.

As we are on the eyes lets talk about mascara, and I have been grabbing Benefit's They're Real Mascara. It is just perfect and I forgot why I stopped using it, it gives me super dark, long defined lashes. The only pain is getting the mascara off, but it still is my favorite. Staying with the eyes, is a felt liner. I always grab the Collection Extreme Felt Liner, but recently I have been wanting a more thinner line. To achieve that thinner liner closer to the lashes I have been grabbing the Maybelline Master Precise Felt Liner. It is thin enough to give me a little definition, and pointed enough to give me that pointed cat flick. I am literally obsessed with this guy and so far haven't picked up my old one yet. On to that highlight, and you know I love a good highlight. Recently I have been grabbing The Balm Mary Lou-Miniser, a beautiful golden highlight, which is truly beautiful and pigmented. I apply it to my cheek bones and love that glowing finish it give. Even though it is a very pigmented highlight, I don't think it looks too dramatic on the face, giving it that almost natural glow. Finally, moving on the the lips. Recently I have been having such trouble with dry lips, I think it is due to the weather and wind, so I have been constantly carrying a lip balm with me. One day I did forget my balm and my lips were suffering, so I popped into Lush to see what they had. Lip Service, a citrus balm designed to be super hydrating and nourishing to the lips. At first I thought it was a little thick, but once you get used to it it is perfect. Apply thin layers through out the day for that protection and I apply a thick layer at night to really repair and moisturize those lips, perfect.

Moving on to all those fashion and random extras. Well there isn't that many of them, but lets start with the fashion. Recently I have been shopping and picked up a few bits I needed to make my summer wardrob. But, on my spree I took a chance and tried on a pair of jeans, and I have fallen in love. The Joni Jeans from Top Shop are my new best friend, they are more pricey then jeans I usually go for, but I thought why not. They are super comfy and they fit like a dream. I find that, as I have a large postireor, jeans fit great round the butt, but hang off me every where else. But these guys, wow, they fit every curve beautiful and look amazing, I never knew how much a pair of jeans can change your body shape. Having that snug fit that hugs to your body really slims you down, no frumpy bits of fabric hanging off to make you look larger in places. It really is amazing and life changing, though you have to try them on to see if they fit as I have heard that they don't fit everyone.

Finally good old TV, this time I have been loving 2 TV shows. The first Ru Paul's Drag Race, I'm not sure how I started watching it, but I am now hooked. I have my favorite drag queens of each season and I have even watched a few episodes again. I love it, it's like a guilty pleasure, however they only have season 2-6 on Netflix and they are on season 8 now, so I can't wait till its available for me to catch up. Finally, Bear Grylls The Island. I have watched this show from the very first season. If you have never seen it before, it is basically a show where they put ordinary people on an island with the skills and tools they need to survive and are left to it. Every year seems to be the same in the fact that they always have an issue with finding food, but this season has been pack filled with drama. This year they put a group of men and a group of women on the island, and at first the girls where going great, until they drank stagnant water. But, since then there have been falls, cuts, stings, turkey and a shark and I am literally hooked. If you are into survival programs or want to watch something good, definitely check this show out (Mondays at 9pm Channel 4)

(Image taken from Google)

(Image taken from Google)

And that's it all my April favorites. Again I am so sorry for being so distant and unproductive recently, it really has been a struggle to get back into the swing of blogging, with so much work to do. I promise there is a lit more greatness to come.

Stay Gorgeous

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