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Where Have I Been??

I'm back and hopefully for good!

I haven't posted in a while and for that I am sorry. But for me, life has just got in the way. And the more it has become overwhelming, the more I have forgotten about my blog and Youtube channel.

The last month or two have been difficult, it must be said. My university life has really taken over, with revision and course work it has just been non-stop. Back in February, I found out that I failed one of my exams, and I just hated myself for it. Since then, I have been trying 10 times harder on all of my modules, which is why I have been absent for some time. But, it is also why I have been struggling in myself, which again makes it hard to blog and film. I suffer from anxiety, and recently it has become a little harder to control. With me beating myself up about the fail and panicking about not failing, my anxiety seems to be getting the better of me. Days become harder and stressful, and all I want to do when I'm home is sleep and relax.

But now I am having a break, a holiday from thinking and stressing. As I am now on my Easter holidays, I want to take some time just for me. Some time to do the things that make me happy and relaxed. The things that make me feel more confident, more stronger and able to control my anxiety. Don't get me wrong, I will still think about uni and do all the work I need to, but I want to give myself some days to just do what I want to.

I know that this is only till 18th April, but it's time I can start organizing my life. I feel so lost and like things are spiraling out of control, that I need to just sit back and take a breath. This break from stress may be the trick I need to bring the passion back into my life and the control that I so desperately need.

But I'm back for now and I cannot wait to write reviews and film videos. Lets start a new, and get life and happiness back.

Stay Gorgeous 

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