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The Body Jewellery Shop || Review

Almost a month ago I was kindly sent 3 beautiful ear piercings from the Body Jewellery Shop. Let me tell you I was super excited to try them on and wear them out. Firstly about about the brand, the Body Jewellery Shop specialize in all things body jewelry, from ear piercings to ear cuffs and even nose piercings. They sell a range of styles to suit anyone looking for a beautiful piercing.

Star Ear Cuff (£2.99)
This by far is my favorite out of the three and I think I have worn this piece to death. It is goldish silver in color, and is comprised of three rings with three little stars attached. It is super easy to wear and can be slightly altered by squeezing the rings, this way it feels more secure on the ear. It is very comfortable and I can wear it all day, I prefer to wear it on the top curl of my ear.

Elegant Ear Cuff (£2.49)
This is a little different to all the other ear cuffs I own. With its silver color and ornate decoration it truly is beautiful. But, it is longer than I thought it would be, so it is harder to wear it on the top part of the ear. So, I wear it on the side of the ear and it looks perfect. It adds that shine and decoration that ear cuffs provide just on the longest part of the ear. Again you can squeeze the clip to make it tighter and feel a lot more secure. I also found that you can slightly adjust the shade to fit your ear, which is prefect. It is very comfortable and beautiful on and much more for special occasions than everyday in my opinion.

Black Crystal Studs (£3.49)
Now these are beautiful, with a black gem in the middle of a ring of crystals. Much more everyday and super comfortable and easy to wear. Just push them into your pierced ears and your good to go. I think they are super beautiful and perfect for adding that glamour and sparkle to everyday looks.

The Body Jewellery Shop is really amazing. There are so many ear piercings to choose from and there are styles there from men and women. If you are looking for very beautiful jewellery at a reasonable price, I would highly recommend this brand.

Stay Gorgeous 

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